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Tree Collards

18 years ago

Has anyone heard of tree collards? About 5 years ago I contacted a seed company looking for amaranths to grow as greens. The woman I spoke to told me which varieties she had but she said she was also experimenting with a plant called the tree collard. She said the plant was a vine that grew up trees and that the leaves could be eaten like collard leaves.She said that the plant was popular in the Compton California area in the black community. I did not get any seeds for the plant that year but the next year when I was ready to try the tree collard, I could not get in touch with the woman who told me about the tree collards.

I have looked for the plant on the internet and when I type in tree collard all I get is a description of a tall regular collard plant with the lower leaves plucked off ( and that is not what I am looking for).

If you have heard of this plant please give some information on it.

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