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Pinus ponderosa Penaz

10 years ago

Pinus ponderosa Penaz � an UFO in the gardens

Penaz was found in Cesko in 1973 in a seedbed by J. Penaz. An absolutely unique selection. Gigantic size, extremely vigorous. yearly growth far over 1 meter, enormous buds even 20 cm on the leader, 8-12 cm on the side branches. Grafting is very hard because of the 2-3 cm wide branches. Penaz brings few buds, that is an additional problem.

Despite all of the problems Penaz is overall the Boss in the czech conifer gardens. Lada Valenta told me, that after grafting the young plant is �thinking� some years before starting to the sky. I guess it collects some force for the future growth.

Anyway, this UFO or a friendly dinosaurus reigns gently in the czech gardens. Have a look at some exemplars, which I photographed overall in Cesko.

Lada Valentas friendly youngster

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Valenta photo

Professore Malik grows an other busy youngster

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Malik photo

Mr. Verbins tree is 20 years old over 25 meters

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Verbin photo

A tomorrows giant in the garden of Frantisek Borovec

Pinus ponderosa Penaz

This nice baby is slowly starting to the sky in the garden of Frantisek Adasek�

Ad��ek Gardens Mesterhazy & Ad��ek photo

The Penaz of Jan Slama is over 15 years. Beautiful tower.

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Slama photo

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Slama photo

Some Penaz specimen in the mother plantage of Dusan Horak. Side buds are about 10 cm long

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Horak photo

Pinus ponderosa Penaz Mesterhazy & Horak photo

It seems to me, that czech breeders grow Penaz by a mystic �must". I guess they had a good decision choosing this plant as a guard in their gardens.


Comments (4)

  • gardener365
    10 years ago

    Great tower pine. My friend graft some last winter but I am waiting to learn if the grafts are good!


  • sluice
    10 years ago

    Zsolt, thanks for these pics and the story behind Penaz!

    I grafted it this past spring. The scionwood was thick, and with a very large bud size.
    Removed all needles, and much of the wood itself, leaving just a short stem attached to the bud.
    Wrapped it in multiple bands, put Doc's seal on, and hoped for the best.
    Here's a pic from late June. So far, so good!
    Pinus ponderosa 'Penaz'

  • gardener365
    10 years ago

    We have a plant. Great job Nate!


  • firefightergardener
    10 years ago

    Wow, awesome. I'd love to offer one of these to my local arboretum. Does anyone know of a US source?