arborvitae and snow

September 8, 2007

I've done a partial search and can't seem to find an answer, so will ask this question separately.

This spring I planted a screen line of 18-24 inch babies. They are growing fine in spite of the very dry summer. I've noticed in town in the winter when it snows that arborvitae separate and bend all which way, and I expect that due to the snow and occasional ice storm that these branches are lost. I was thinking of training a central "leader" that would be stronger and less prone to this. Is this a recommendation? I've also seen 12 foot ones topped--but haven't been able to notice how they hold up as it was just done last year. When I bought my babies, I tried to buy ones with just 1 central stem, but I have a few with 2. Advice would be greatly appreciated, as I would love someday to screen out the recently invented neighbor who loves to collect large junk items!

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