Ferber Strawberry Jam ?s

April 2, 2011

I've decided to tackle a couple of her strawberry jam recipes this weekend. What a fiasco!

Friday, I went to a local supermarket to buy some strawberries and raspberries that were on sale. The strawberries were $2.50 a lb. When I got there they had been picked over and all that was left were, spoiled, unripe, or moldy. Blech.

Went to the other supermarket in town which is upscale and has a very nice produce section. The berries here were very nice, organic, but cost $4.50 a lb. What?!?

Being that I had this planned, albeit not very well, I bit the bullet and bought the berries I needed. I would not be denied of trying these recipes this weekend!

So my daughter and I cleaned, hulled, sliced and macerated the berries overnight. Today, I started simmering them but then I lost the plot. I couldn't find how long these were supposed to be simmered. I read somewhere that it was until the sugar was dissolved. Another place said until it looked like hard candy. Yet another said simmer until bubbling and then turn up to high until it boils. I also seen a post that said they skipped this step.

I'm at a loss here. What I did was simmer on medium low until it just started to bubble...195 degrees according to my candy thermometer. Once it hit 195, I poured them back into their dish to macerate today.


1. Did I simmer them enough or too long. The batch was on the stove perhaps 20 minutes...a gradual heat up until they started to bubble. The appearance did change. The strawberries took on a very deep red appearance. I figured this was what was discribed as hard candy. Can anyone be more specific on this part of the process?

2. Also, they are cooling on the countertop now. Should I leave them there until they are sufficiently cool to put back in the fridge or should they go directly into the fridge?



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