What can I do with Mexican Basil?

10 years ago


I bought Mexican Basil at HD thinking it was a mislabeled Thai Basil. When I bought it it tasted a lot like Thai Basil and had the green/purplish coloring like Thai basil, but now that it's had time to fill out in my herb garden, it doesn't taste anything like it.

I've never had experience with this herb before. I've used the sweet basils and thai basils but never mexican basil. Does anyone know what I can do with this herb? Is it even used in Mexican cooking, hence it's name? If I can't find a good use for it, I may just keep it in the garden for the time being until I can find a replacement for it.

Here's a pic of it a few weeks ago. It's gotten a lot taller and bushier since then.



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