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Fall Rhubarb

11 years ago

I haven't had rhubarb in years, mostly because I keep missing it during the spring season.

But a local grocery had some fall rhubarb in and I broke down and bought some, even though the only thing we ever did with fall rhubarb (which was usually from plants we were phasing out so they were old plants) was make preserves, as it was supposed to be too tough for baking.

But there was supposed to be a way to make it better suited to baking, and it had to do with macerating it. But since we ALWAYS macerated rhubarb, I'm guessing there was something more to it, like par-boiling it or leaving it to macerate longer or adding something more to it than just the sugar ... I just can't remember, it's been like 35 years since the last time I even canned any.

Does anybody have any idea how to treat fall rhubarb so it's not too tough to bake with? I'd really like to make a rhubarb crumble. I have some crystallized ginger I just made yesterday that'd go great with it.

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