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Pickled lima beans

15 years ago

I just picked my whole crop of limas. Half were still green pods, while the other half were overripe and the pods had dried to a tan color. I shelled the green pods, blanched and froze the green limas. The overripe ones were a bit dried and would probably cook up mealy. Instead, I soaked them in water for about an hour, then brought them up to a light simmer, then allowed them to cool again. Next, I plan to drain them, and fill some pint jars. First, I'll be adding a few bits of fresh garlic, and some fresh tarragon. Then fill the jars with the limas, and pour in boiling vinegar and salt brine to cover the beans. Then cap, and process. Because the overripe ones are mostly white color, as opposed to the lima green, I was going to add a little tumeric to the brine, just to give them a brighter color. I could also add some frozen waxed beans, but figured that the limas would be best on their own. I may also add a small amount of Splenda to cut the sharpness of the full strength white vinegar. Does this sound safe enough to can?? Not going by any recipe, just common sense and follwing the concerns for canning safety, by using plenty of acid.

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