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tidying up the fall garden - question:

15 years ago

I am going through the garden trying to tidy things up before figuring out what to plant where this fall, and have a desire to cut back my lily foliage. The flowers are long gone, and having dealt fairly successfully with the red lily beetles (with Bayer Tree and Shrub early in the summer/spring) the stalks are all there pretty much intact. I;d love to cut them back closer to the ground to give more room to things like sedum and mums that are filling out, but am afraid that I will damage the plants that way. Is this true for lilies or just tulips? I've stopped planting tulips because I don't like the dying straps, but love my lilies. I have all types, orientals, hybrids, hemerocalis etc.

Anyone know if it is OK to cut them back after blooming and how far?

thanks !!!

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