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Ribes laurifolium

13 years ago

Is anyone else growing the evergreen laurel currant (Ribes laurifolium)? Although mine is barely 18 in. high and has only been in the ground a couple of years, it is already flowering profusely. The flowers came out before the beginning of February and still look great. The Âbook says that it will eventually get 4-6 ft. high, but it appears that it doesnÂt have to be mature before putting on a plenty of blooms..

The leaves are quite large and leathery for such a small plant. The habit is spreading but still restrained. Mine gets about a half dayÂs sun in the summer but is in a wind-protected area. It got down to about 10F here this winter and last year we had over 2 feet of snow on the ground for several weeks. It came through both of those seasons with flying colors.

IÂd recommend this to anyone looking for an evergreen winter-blooming shrub in our climate.

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