2B Seeds--BEWARE !

December 14, 2013

This "company" is a joke..except it is not funny! I ordered $37.10 worth of seeds back on 7/29/13. Today is 12/14/13....
LONG story short, out of 6 emails to them, they responded ONCE! only to say "it will be 2 more weeks" that was on 10/02/13. Fast forward to 12/14/13...finally received a "refund check" only to see that they DID NOT DATE IT! Banks won't cash an undated check, not even their own! Check is postmarked from Denver Co. , and the "company" is supposed to be in Henderson, NV.
Other reviewers on other gardening sites also have been given different addresses and phone #'s than the ones I have !
Read the reviews on Dave's Garden-Garden Watch Dog..wish I had before GIVING them my money! I'm continuing to spread the word on this rip-off scam they apparently have going on ! What I can conclude, is that this "seed company" is located in an apartment...with "30 Green Houses"...I'm guessing the kind you can buy from Home Depot or Lowe's....the "Green House Trays with Lids" for starting seeds! But that's just my opinion !

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  • Nanabee1

    We had spoken to this customer letting her know the issue with the seeds that she had ordered, as soon as we heard from the supplier which is in Holland. She had insisted on getting a check INSTEAD of being credited on her card as what is usual and customary. I cannot believe that the check hadnâÂÂt any date on it.. She did not call us to let us know that.. I find that it is amazing that someone can just post what ever they want to say about whom ever- and that is suppose to be the truth. Yes we are in Denver, CO, but the company was incorporated in Nevada, the checking account is in a Nevada bank , which is also in Many states.

    There is no other address or phone number that is posted on our site and it clearly shows Colorado and Not Nevada. I do not know what phone numbers she is talking about, other that a 1 -800 that we use to have. (Too expensive) We are not a rip-off scam company like this person is suggesting. We are not a large company, just a husband and wife company and sometimes like for larger companies our supplies do not come in as promised to us, That is what has happened to us for any of our reviews.

    We will go to the bank today and send her a cashiers check which I am sure the back will have the date on it. I went to our shopping cart to issue her a credit and the timing since the order was issued has expired. My questions would be Why did she insist on having a check instead of having her credit card credited then? I do believe that this was her intention- to do this kind of posting. We get a lot of great messages from our customers, and a lot of phone calls, then we get this.

  • cosnowboards

    This is only a smear tatic. I have bought from this company for nearly 7 years and have never had a problem with them or their seeds. I agree with the person above this customer must have planned to write the stuff they did, or why would they want a check when normally one would get credited thru the way they paid for the order. I do not know if they have an office in an apartment, home or building- why would it matter? I believe that people are all so quick to say things about people and companies that they should not be saying. After all everyone is human, and if something happened to her order as she said- then she could have wrote the date in herself and have it not such a big thing at the bank. What is wrong that this person would say " I'm continuing to spread the word on this rip-off scam they apparently have going on ! In 2004 they sold their 10 acres of Greenhouse that they had for over 30 years- and now they are just dong seeds- they are great business people and know so much about plants. They had about 75 employees and those people worked for them for the 30 years- they treated people very well. I met them along time ago, and since their are negative things said about this company- I feel I need to stand up for them- and wonder what and why people can just say what ever with out any proof or consequence for them?
    I will continue to buy from them- always- and I do buy a geat variery of seeds.

  • HU-127447504

    No, I am an extremely unsatisfied, now, former customer. I ordered seeds months ago with no word except a charged card. Anytime you call you get the same recording sending you to various places with no one to answer a phone. THey finally answered and were all too will to satisfy. They finally sent me a partial order and f the rest would be here in two weeks. Another month past and I just simply told them to send an another kind of seed. "Sure thing, it will go out this afternoon" That was three weeks ago. Like others, I will give up on this business knowing they stole my money, but satisfied it won't be much. Again DO NOT BUY FROM this company. There are plenty of others that understand customer service. Their address is a post office. They will not answer their phone, they will not answer an email. You've been warned.

  • HU-983115614

    Something very fishy at best is going on at 2BSeeds. I ordered seeds 2 1/2 months ago and never received them. I've tried to contact them numerous times and the answering message always says something to the effect that they are busy helping other customers. Having called so many times at different times on different days, I don't buy that. I left messages that are not returned.

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