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Best Longan Variety

15 years ago

Hello everyone, I have done a lot of research on the internet regarding the best Longan varieties but I cannot decide between the three top varieties which are Sri Chompoo, Biew Kiew and Kohala. I'm looking for an excellent tasting fruit that is large and has a small seed.

Kohala is highly recommended because it is widely grown in Hawaii, Florida and California and has a large fruit that is very good quality and tends to have small seeds. Sri Chompoo and Biew Kiew are supposed to be very similar but Sri Chompoo is supposed to have pink flesh and a smaller seed. Of these three varieties, the flavor (which is most important to me) is supposed to be similar in quality. I know taste/flavor is very subjective but Sri Chompoo and Biew Kiew are supposedly favored over Kohala by Thai people.

Ideally, I will be growing one plant with the other two varieties grafted on but I tend to get lazy and would like to have the best one just in case. Any info, especially first hand accounts/descriptions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

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