lychee tree drying out, droopy, dying. please help !

10 years ago

My Brewster Lychee tree seems to be dying. The plants and leaves are really dry, browning up, and they are all droopy. I just got the plant on March 8 and it only been getting worst since. Do I need to fertilize it or something? The potting soil (Scott's SuperSoil) is new and should have the nutrients it needs... The problem that I can see is that I may have over potted it in an 18 gallon tub and I just moved it to a smaller container. The root seems fine but no roots were growing the place where the support stick was at, should I remove the stick or something ?

My Kohala Longan tree doesn't seem to be doing so good either but not as bad. It has new soil and no fertilizer just like my Lychee tree.

I gave both trees around 2 gallon of water on March 8 and a gallon of water 4 days later. No leaves has fallen off on both tree yet. I'm getting all of the materials for Al's gritty mix this week and will transplant them asap. I'm a beginner but I didn't want to start out with anything else because I only like tropical / fruit plants. Please help! The plants are quite expensive.

Lychee 3-09-10

Lychee 3-15-10

Longan 3-09-10

Longan 3-15-10

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