Kucht gas range?

5 years ago

Anyone heard of this brand or own one?
I can't seem to find much about it. But I really like the way it looks for the price.


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  • jwvideo

    >>>"I'm sorry, I forgot to say I was looking at 48" ranges."<<<

    I think the NXR/THOR 48" ranges weigh about 580 lbs.

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    Looked at the Kucht oven (they have a small showroom in New Jersey, actually a couple of showrooms throughout NJ).

    After much (much) research, I went ahead and purchased the Thor Kitchen 30" gas range. It arrived super fast and in perfect condition.

    There was a little thing (not a big deal, but I'll mention it in case anyone else purchases one and encounters the same). When I turned on the convection fan, it made a very strange noise that did not sound correct to me. It turned out there was zip tie in the back of the oven (not inside the oven) (zip tie needs to be there - holding wires together) that wasn't clipped short enough and was hitting the fan blade when it was spinning. Clipped the zip tie shorter and now the fan is very quiet (much quieter than my previous KitchenAid).

    I read the instruction book - takes only a couple of minutes - it's short. Did the burn off for the oven as it suggested - and definitely have a 'vent-to-the-outside exhaust fan'. It will SMELL. It's burning off all the residual factory 'stuff'. The manual says burn it off for about 30 minutes, I ran the bake for about 45-60 minutes and the same for the broiler. Smell is now virtually gone when I turn the oven on.

    Did a temperature test using an oven thermometer (CDN brand) and it's accurate.

    Used the stove top a little and so far - LOVE it.

    I didn't get a chance to cook or bake anything in the oven yet, will be doing that soon. Cookies will be a good test for even baking, etc. I will also be testing out new cookie sheets I just ordered.

    After I use the oven, I'll update.

    Here's a pic of the installed.

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  • dan1888

    By accurate what range does it use to turn on and off at say 250 and 350?

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    @dan1888 Specifically, to your question " what range does it use to turn on and off", I'm not paying attention to that at this time, I'm just listening to the burner. I just periodically check my thermometer, about every 10 minutes (not opening the door) to see what it reads.

    I'll have an updated answer by Thursday. I ordered a digital oven thermometer that will take readings and different intervals, etc. as you asked about. I'll post about the different readings.

    I just baked a spinach dish in the ThorKitchen oven and it baked perfectly. I kept the manual oven thermometer in there and kept an eye on it throughout the baking process (30 minutes baking) and it kept an accurate temperature throughout (within 5 degrees).

    I included a pic showing the size of the baking dish used as I am learning the different size of pan, temperature of the pan going into the oven, etc. all contribute to how the oven will react.

  • Alice Diamond


    I am also considering a Thor. I've had a Thermador, but when the second burner broke, I need to get a replacement.

    Three minor questions, but since I can't actually go see the product anywhere, I am nervous to buy it.

    1. Under the grates, is it stainless or black? Are the grates themselves a mat finish or glossy?

    2. Is the Stainless the smudge-free kind, or are you constantly chasing fingerprints?

    3. My kitchen was put in quite some time ago, and from the specs, it seems that it will protrude quite far into the kitchen. I note that it also does so on your newer kitchen. Have you found that to be a problem, either aesthetic or practically?

    Thanks so much for helping out with this purchase. Sometimes I find I can just get used to differences in new acquisitions, whereas other times, I kick myself for not researching things completely!



  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    Hi Alice,

    1) Under the grates are black and the grates are matte finish. Both super easy to clean. The wells are deep under the burners which also helps for easy cleaning.

    2) I haven't had an issue yet with smudges but I don't think it is technically smudge-free. I have been using it A LOT, especially this holiday season, and smudges have not been a problem.

    Don't worry about it - I'm a super researcher too. :)

    I have roasted a 20 lb. turkey, numerous sides, and lots of cookies in it this past holiday and everything cooked evenly. :) I was going to take pictures to post to show, but just too busy with the actual cooking.

  • Alice Diamond

    Thanks for taking the time from your busy cooking schedule to answer my questions!

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    You're welcome @Atdiamond. :) I mentioned the different types of food to show the range's capabilities.

  • aztcqn

    Li'l Inspirations, LLC Great info on the Thor gas range.! How do you find the range at this point? I've read of some issues with the igniters clicking on when the range was turned off. Any issues, there? Or with anything on this model?

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    @aztcqn thank you. I like to really research as much as possible before making a purchase. :) I have read about the clicking as well; however, from what I found it had to do with the Kucht ranges and not the Thor. I have not experienced any the 'clicking' with my range. I have been using quite extensively, especially with the holidays here - everything from the cook top to the oven, baking, roasting, broiling, etc.

    I wasn't sure how good the broiler would be because it seems gas broilers in general can be lacking. However, I have to say I am happy with how my Thor has broiled. I broiled some shrimp the other night and it had a nice char on it without becoming overcooked, which can be tricky since shrimp cook so quickly.

    If you have any other questions, just ask. Glad to help out. (My hours of research won't go to waste). :)

    Also, @atDiamond - I realized I didn't answer your question regarding the range protruding a bit. Yes, it sticks out about 2 inches more than I would like because we have a gas pipe that is part of the issue which makes up for about 1 to 1 1/2 inches of that part. I'm used to it now and don't even notice the range sticks out a bit.

    I love how easy the top cleans.

    The cleaned the inside of the oven the other day. It actually got a bit dirty from all the Thanksgiving cooking. Getting some of the stuck on food was not that easy to remove following all the ideas I had read about 'natural' products, etc. In the end I used a no fume oven cleaner on a COLD oven, closed the oven door, let it sit over night and was able to just wipe most of the burnt stuff off. A few small stains just won't come off. I then thoroughly rinsed off all the residue.

  • aztcqn

    Thank you Li'l Inspirations for your answer.

    Oh yes, I know how exhausting online sleuthing can be and I'm grateful that someone has good info from experience as well. :]

  • lsylvester25

    Li'l Inspirations, LLC - Hello, I am on the endless search for a gas range at the moment and was wondering about the Thor. Have you had any problems with the front of the stove being excessively hot when in use? Also, I am concerned with the size of the oven as I am an avid baker. Any issues with the size? Thanks

  • lisacdm

    @ Li'l Inspirations, LLC - thanks for posting all this information. My 30 year old Garland is beyond repair (came with the house). I really can't afford an expensive 36 inch range and was looking at the Thor. I'm also in NJ, if you don't mind who did you order your range from?

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    @lsylvester25 @lisacdm

    I have not experienced the front of my stove being excessively hot. It does get warm (maybe very warm) but I wouldn't say hot.

    I, too, am an avid baker and have not experienced any problems with the size of the oven. Actually, I can get a 3/4 size sheet pan in the oven without a problem. With my previous oven (KitchenAid) only a 1/2 sheet would fit. May not seem like a bit deal, but to me, being able to fit a 3/4 sheet pan, meant alot more baking getting done in a shorter time. :)

    I would have loved to get a 36 inch range too, but I don't have the room for it. My kitchen was redone not too long ago, and I don't fee like ripping out a cabinet, etc. to fit a 36 inch.

    The stove top is designed well also. I can now fit 4 large pots, etc. at the same time if needed because of how the burners are situated and top is designed. This is a Huge plus for me.

    I purchased directly from Thor.

    Good luck with your research, etc.


    P.S. - If I ever get out of the custom wedding gifts (personalized handkerchiefs and blankets) and baptism gift world, I just might go into food and appliance blogging. :D

  • Sharon

    After reading these threads, I am a bit confused about the Kucht range. I am looking at the 48" all-gas. Is it not well supported or difficult to get serviced? I am going to need high altitude orifice and propane. Looking at Blue Star as well. Such a difficult decision. I don't want bell and whistles. I want simple functionality but a high-quality workhorse stove.

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    Hi Sharon. I would contact Kucht regarding servicing and parts.

    As a follow up - I did NOT buy a Kucht. I bought a Thor. I've only had it about 3 months now.

  • aaldahir

    I bought KUTCH range 6months ago and every month I have a problem with it, first it come with broken igniter, then the starter brook,and still on and on..

    I do not advice to buy this brand.

  • aaldahir

    I order it from HOME DEPOT

  • Scot

    I'm considering buying a 30" Thor gas range, but I'm concerned about replacement parts availability. Where can parts be purchased? So far I've only found one online store that has igniters... what about burners, fans, etc? I really want a nice, no-electronics nonsense range, but I'm a little leery of these no-name brands.

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    Hi Scot, I believe the Thor comes with a 2 year warranty, at least mine does. This includes parts and service. After that, I would think you can get any parts needed directly from them or possibly online (hopefully) somewhere.

  • jwvideo

    Like Hyxxion's other lines (such as the now slightly upscale NXRs), the Thor stoves use readiiy available off-the-shelf components for which generic replacements are readily available in local appliance parts warehouses as well as online sites from the likes of Amazon to Dvorson's. For things like burner and oven ignitors, valves etc., check out the NXR threads. Dunno about the fans, though; I'm guessing I can match mine (from my NXR) to a generic equivalent if I need to, but can't say I've seen anybody research that component yet.

    I think service is handled by Adco and you can probably get parts through them. (I did that for my NXR when I needed some of the little silicon stand-off pads for the burner grates on my 5 year-old NXR).

    Still, dealing with these aspects has to account for individual personal preferences. Some people are comfortable with DIY repairs and generic parts. Some are not. If you are not, then I would say you really do not want to buy a Thor or an NXR or a Kucht.

  • Scot

    I'm fine with swapping out parts on my own. I just want to be sure that I CAN get parts once the inevitable happens. The ability to fix it cheap is a huge part of the reason I am looking seriously at these. I look at all the other name brand (GE, Samsung, Bosch, etc.) ranges at the big box stores and all I see are gadgety disasters waiting to happen. Seriously... wifi on a stove??? Go home Samsung... you're drunk. It seems the only ways to get around having a computer build into your appliance is to buy the cheapest, plain white one on the market, or go high-end (Wolf, Viking, etc.) These Chinese knockoffs seem to hit the sweet spot of simplicity and style, without costing a fortune. I'm glad to hear they use off the shelf components.

  • John Armstrong

    It seems the only ways to get around having a computer build into your appliance is to buy the cheapest, plain white one on the market, or go high-end (Wolf, Viking, etc.)

    I had to replace the computer on my last Viking twice. What POS that was..

  • Sharon

    Well I ended up buying a beautiful 48" Blue Star and it is your basic workhorse range--all propane double oven with convection. No stupid wifi bull crap or computers to tell you how to cook, just a magnificent piece of craftsmanship. Now I just can't wait to put it to good use. Our house is all off grid and do not need uneccessary extra stuff to use electricity and waste energy. Not to mention its just more things to fail or break. And, at 600 lbs and 4 miles of dirt road and paying a premium to have something serviced, I really didn't want to risk going with a Kucht that didn't have a history or track record. I will post an update when I fire that baby up and cook up a storm.

  • schoolhouse10

    how has your blue star been? nice range!

    And any more info/ reviews on the Thor 48" - all that you have said is what I am thinking, I want a nice 48" stove but can't afford 8-13k, but can swing a 4k. I don't want all the electronic crap that breaks... but am worried by not seeing it in person or the off name - Chinese made variable. How is yours working?

  • Lauren

    Li'l Inspirations, LLC are you still loving your Thor? Any updates you can provide are greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    @PinkPanther1004 I'm still loving my Thor range. There were a couple of hiccups but the support at Thor has been great. There was some clicking with one of the burners and they sent me a new one right away. Super easy to change out.

    There is a little bit of flaking on the blue porcelain in one small area but I'm not concerned with and it doesn't affect the oven working correctly. I use the stove top and oven A LOT. The temperature in the oven keeps stable even at a low temp. I'm able to put a brisket in there at 200 for 10 hours (to make a pulled brisket) and it's great.

    Hope this helps. (Sorry for my delay in responding - been super busy making custom handkerchiefs and personalized embroidered blankets.)

    Happy Holidays!

  • Lauren

    Li'l Inspirations, LLC Great to hear -- thanks so much! Happy Holidays to you too!

  • Tina Devereaux

    Just found this thread. GREAT information, as I'm in the market and am totally interested in Thor. Thank you for your research and posting!

  • John Armstrong

    6 months into our 36" Kucht dual fuel and no major problems to speak of. It cooks pretty hot so we find ourselves scaling down time/temp in recipes but so far so good. No computers and no failures. Will check back in at the 1 year mark.

  • Kris Buell

    Li'l Inspirations, LLC, which model Thor did you purchase? There are several in the 30". Did you go with the dual fuel or the all-gas? Infrared broiler or standard broiler in yours? Does anyone know how to "tag" so Li'l will see it? I can't figure out how to. TY.

    [Please no replies stating these are junk stoves (as I have received only such replies on other posts I have made about some of these budget stoves, and no replies that actually answered the questions I had about them) and recommending BlueStar, Wolf, etc. I am aware of and fully intend on purchasing a 36" BlueStar in the future, when we move. Where we will move to, I can only get propane, and I would want to order the range already set up for propane so as not to lose any efficiency through a conversion. Where we are currently, I can only get natural gas. A higher end range like this would simply not fit in with this older blue collar neighborhood, so I'm looking for something to hopefully satisfy me for the next couple of years that I won't cry over leaving behind.]

  • Ellen Pierno

    Sharon, how is the Bluestar? My husband and I are deep into researching a new range and finding that it seems a service call is expected on everything we see. We’ve looked at high end and big box. We want what a simple, reliable way to put food over fire! I do cook on a wood stove in winter. We’re looking at 30” gas, and have considered Bluestar but wondering about door problems and customer service. Welcome any constructive comments/suggestions.

  • Dawn Brophy

    I have a 17 year old DCS 36" cooktop pro - 6 burner. Three burners have rusted out and it would cost $3000 to rebuild the three. So appliance guy recommended a Wolf or Viking - but I don't want to spend $4000 to $5000 on a 6 burner cooktop ( I have a Jenn-Aire double electric oven). Looking at Jenn-Aire. Why are Thor's less expensive then say a Jenn-Aire. Would love spend under $2000 but thinking that I may have to go to $3000 for quality.

  • johappy

    Any opinions of American Ranges? There aren’t a lot of reviews out there. I’m looking at a 36” gas convection. Dual fuel is ridiculously expensive so I’m going for a Miele steam/convection wall oven to supplement. American is also not easy to find in a show room in the northeast.

  • Marybee

    Consumer reports just reviewed gas ranges - American was the worst rated.


    Li'l Inspirations, LLC it has been almost one year since you purchased your Thor range. How do you like it? Any problems? How is it to clean? Cooktop and oven. I think I saw the oven was manual clean, is that correct. Thanks if you see this and respond!

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    I like the simplicity of it. No extra gadgets or anything to break. This is why I chose the Thor. Simple and gets the job done. Oven - keeps the temperature where it should. Cleaning - like any other oven - it's work. The ovens that claim they are self cleaning - bologna!

  • Vicky

    @li'linspirations, LLC - would you recommend this THOR for just the range? I am getting wall ovens but looking at thor vs zline vs GE. GE is over 2K. Zline is nice but i have read various reviews on them and not all good. Thor seems to have good reviews, all the time. What about cooking with a WOK on the range? I have read that b/c they have wide burners it does not work so well? have you ever cooked with a wok on them? TYSM!!

  • PRO
    Li'l Inspirations, LLC

    Please see the post I just did in the other thread regarding the Thor Group Range. There are updated photos and a video. Please watch the video. In short....I do NOT recommend Thor. :(

  • John Armstrong

    Our Kucht is about 18 months old now and I regret deeply buying it. Here is our list of problems so far, NONE HAVE BEEN FIXED BY MANUFACTURER.

    1) Burners constantly click when other burners are lit. Sometimes.

    2) If the stove gets up over 350 or so the gas stops flowing. If you try to light the burners for a few minutes they eventually start. Its like air gets in the line when the stove heats up.

    3) Stove runs very hot. Like every recipe we subtract -25 to -50 degrees.

    4) Its rusting a bit along the top

    5) Under grill airflow is terrible. We cook with a cast iron plate that covers 2 burners. On my prior stove this was no problem. On this stove the air supply is exhausted and the burners click off. Its aggravating.

    Just terrible quality. My last range was a viking and the electronics would go out every 18 months but the actual physical system worked well.

    Can't wait to replace this stupid thing. Support is useless. You can only email them, they call you back once at an inconvenient time, leave a VM and you never hear from them again.

    Stay away.

  • Anne Duke
    Updated reviews are great to read. Thank you for posting.
  • miatadan roy

    Not sure why people ever consider such low quality products such as Thor , Kucht, and NXR, Ancona, Forno , Caloric, Porter & Charles or Kenyon ? Guess there is always someone thinking that they can get good quality without paying for it ? If some of the mainstream name brands have reliability issues, there in no hope for these no name companies coming out of China.


  • kramerkats

    This thread is SO helpful! In 5 minutes, we can all see how Lil' Inspirations experience with a Thor unfolds before our very eyes! You were off to such a positive start, and I'm so sorry for how it ended, but know you are helping many others out with your informative comments over the past 2 years. Thank you!

  • andys1442

    Thank you to everyone that posted....dropping $$$ on big item like appliances is so nerve wracking and seeing posts several months / year out is sooooo helpful....

  • Kristina Fogliani

    I agree! Thank you for all this information. I can now make an educated decision with the help of all these comments!

  • janelletiegs

    This is such a great forum for learning about the various ranges from real people. Does anyone use a 48" dual fuel range they love?

  • Sharon

    Hi all! there have been some who have asked how I like my Blue Star. I looked long at the Kucht because I wanted something economical but decided to splurge on the one item for my kitchen because I love to cook and we had to have a stove that was 'off-grid' and used little electricity. Not a bunch of bell and whistles. The Blue Star was my answer. It has been updated with new orifices and designed with the correct regulator to burn the needed BTUs and use propane instead of natural gas. The customer service at Blue Star was over the top amazing. They overnighted the new nozzles/orifices and igniter for the infrared and helped us refit the stove via live facetime! Believe it or not this was the day before Thanksgiving even. So the stove has been in service for over a year and half and I have used the heck out of it. It is amazing and better than I had hoped for. It is definitly an adjustment using an all-gas oven but convection helps with evening out temperatures. Also, as far as 'splurging' goes, I did find a great 'showroom' deal out of state with free freight. This stove had a scratch on the front bottom plate but nothing a little nail polish didn't fix. I feel I made the best decision given our need to use propane, at 7000' and being 100% off grid. With the amazing customer service of Blue Star to get all my burners running optimally I am one happy customer.

    Also, for the specifics: burners are very heavy, stainless is heavy duty as well as the enameled panels, This stove is a brut. The handles are strong, igniters great so far, it has interchangeable burners with a griddle/grill. The simmer burner is amazing and is low enough to do rissoto well. It is a bigger challenge with propane as it burns a little hotter. Ovens seem to be spot on temperature-wise. All of this I am sure is the calibration of the orifices for propane and specific elevation which Blue Star set at factory before they sent the new ones. The oven racks are heavy but glide out nicely, especially the 36" oven. The burners disassemble super easy for cleaning in the sink and there's a large crumb-catching tray that slides out with SS liners that pop out for easy cleaning. All-in-all this stove will last lifetimes I believe.

  • HU-371824030

    Don’t buy this stove. i have a 30” in a second home. hardly used. Knobs peeled, broiler igniter went, and the most recent the oven turns on by itself. a problem they are aware of!!!!! Service is horrible, a minor adjustment according to them, they will email, 3 days later,, 3 calls and many emails nothing. And they say it should not happen again????

  • ssarvian

    don't buy which one?

  • ttran0417

    Did anyone purchase GE Monogram gas range? If yes, how do you like it?

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