Noxious new oven smell ??

9 years ago

Our new Electrolux wave-touch double oven is wonderful, except for a persistent noxious offgassing when it's hot.

I get an odd headache and a bit nauseous, with a tight throat -- very much like what I got after I've burned a Teflon pan. I don't like feeling like a sick canary.

The smell is less strong in the upper oven, which we've used more, but still pretty awful from the lower oven, even the 6th or so time we've now used it. DH says not to worry, that it's just a 'new-oven smell', but a strong Teflon-type smell from an enamel-coated oven doesn't seem right.

DH just baked some wonderful monkey bread for DS's birthday, but I'm wondering what other chemicals that bread's absorbed. And what else will we be ingesting along with the birthday cake.


- does anyone know where this is likely from?

- WHAT are the chemicals that are offgassing?

- is this a defect or not?

- and, especially, how do I get rid of it w/o just spreading the chemicals/particles throughout the house? (see PPS. below).

PS. I've just found two other threads on this with (mostly Electrolux) ovens, but still don't know WHAT gets burned off with a self-clean 'burn in' procedure.... or regular baking.

PPS. Well' I've re-read the Electrolux manual, and, though it doesn't recommend a burn-in, it does say:

CAUTION: The health of some birds is extremely sensitive to the fumes given off during the self-clean cycle of any wall oven. Move birds to another well-ventilated room.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another thread: mentions insulation, 'manufacturing residue'

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