Liebherr 36' icemaker problems

11 years ago

Has anyone else had problems with their Liebherr icemakers? Mine worked for about three batches of ice when first installed but that was the end of it. I have been working to get it repaired for FOUR months. Nice people on the phone at their service center, but I am getting QUITE frustrated. Living in a rural area where no "authorized" service people want to go has complicated matters.

So far, we have:

Tried various diagnostics by phone with Liebherr service techs,

Brought in a local appliance serviceman (twice) who was willing to come to our out-of-the-way house and perform various diagnostics/attempted fixes/parts replacements with Liebherr on the line coaching him through the various processes,

Brought in our plumber (at our own expense) to recheck the water supply lines when Liebherr told us that MUST be the cause of the problem. After plumber verified there was NO plumbing problem, Liebherr finally admitted we were not the only people experiencing problems with this model!!!

In one phone call Liebherr rep told us the entire icemaker unit was being redesigned in Germany. Then, a bunch of the new units were "in customs." Weeks went by and we called to find out the status. We were told ours had been shipped and our local repairman should have received it. He hadn't. We waited another week and no unit received. Called back, told "parts" were coming from Canada. Said we weren't expecting "parts," we were promised a whole new unit. Nice Liebherr service tech on the phone said he was only telling us what he had been told.

If anyone else out there is dealing with this, I would appreciate knowing what you're being told. I have tried to be patient because, other than this, I really do love this refrigerator and actually designed the entire row of cabinetry along that wall to mimic it. I have postponed putting the cabinetry panels on yet as I would like to know it is all WORKING and won't have to be totally replaced before installing the panels. Don't even want to think about the possibility of pulling it out as it was a very tight fit in my totally custom kitchen. This is about the last thing to finish in what has been a very long, expensive whole house remodel that has exhausted both us and our bank account.

Any suggestions, for resolving this, coping, etc? TIA!

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