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Mary_Beth Comfort
December 15, 2007

Would any of you incredibly experienced builders give me a ballpark estimate of what it would cost to frame and truss a 6500 sq ft home? I have been getting bids on about everything else, but this one I haven't been able to pin down. It's a fairly rectangular house with no weird corners or bump outs. I have a separate est for windows and doors.



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  • sierraeast

    You would be better off getting real world estimates from framers in your area as it varies greatly around the country. Framers also have different tasks in various areas such as some include setting exterior doors and windows, wrap and sidings, even roofing to get the house dried in, where in other areas they strickly frame the house. If you give the area that you are building in, maybe someone on this forum can give you an idae off of what thier build went for and what was included in the framing cost/sq.ft.

  • Mary_Beth Comfort

    I've had Carter Lumber and HD give me material take offs. Just for the shell (no windows or doors) the materials come to about 40K. We live in the Columbus OH area. Just wondering if there is a general percentage I could figure on top of the materials to give me a ballpark figure. As a general rule is labor more or less expensive than the materials?

  • luckymom23

    Not an incredibly experienced builder here, but I will tell you what I have been told. :) From what I have seen the labor is less than the lumber package, some examples:

    A friend's house in Spokane WA, finished fall 06, fairly simple design, over 5600sf, 1700+ basement, 3275 main & upper with 675 sf bonus over large 3 car garage all 9 & 10' ceilings: 42k for lumber package (did not include siding and lumber was running higher during her build than it is now) framing labor: $27,500.

    Another friend just finished, 3500sf single story with some vaults & 9' ceilings and a bonus over three car garage: $30k lumber package, framing labor: $18k (the labor was a 'buddy price' - they got a very good deal)

    We live in the PNW and I was given one estimate that framing labor would run us about $6.50 psf, our house will be mainly trussed, some stick framed as it is pretty simple except for the area where the house angles to the garage.

    Good luck, HTH.

  • kemptoncourt

    Our estimate came out to roughly $4.75 a sq ft. There was also a nail allowance of 1500.00 required. We have two 2-story rooms and a stick built roof that our framers say is "cut-up". They are setting our steel (two beams), girders, windows and doors, tyvek wrap and felt paper. Beware that when most framers are quoting a sq ft price it includes ALL spaces they are framing not HLA. This would include garage, porches etc.

  • Mary_Beth Comfort

    Those are all good points and thoughts to consider.
    My interior quote includes trim out, exterior, stairs, gutters, shingles and fireplace mantel. This quote was for over 45K. I thought it odd the way HD broke out their quotes and what they put with each one. Basically, they gave me three quotes, one for the frame, one for interior and one for doors and windows, but it doesn't make sense why they lumped together the things they did.

  • robyn393

    We just received an estimate for our 3300 sq ft (3500 with garage) home. Foundation, plumbing, frame-dried in, wrap, windows and doors and drywall..$126.00 for materials and labor. What ya think? We still have roof & roof labor, cabinets,electrical, hvac, pumbing fixtures, hardware, eletrical fixtures, dirt work, driveway, garage doors, paint and trim, flooring and septic...ugh.... our home is beginning to cost more than we thought! :( I am having FAITH! - Through diversity comes strength! :) :) :)

  • mmike032

    Different areas of the country have very different prices. There is no way someone on here can give you an estimate 6500 sq ft house without seeing plans. It could be from $2.50-$6.00 a sq ft here and I live in a so called " low cost of living area" Theres to many variables to consider to give a realilistic qoute.
    Bet you could get a crew of Mexis to do it for about $1 a ft I'm sure.

  • marthaelena

    My framing price came to $4.61 SF and it is a ranch, partially finished basement and some details like tray ceilings in master and dining. They will install the windows and exterior doors (not garage doors). Also they will place the house wrap. Additionally, they will "frame" the front and back porch but they just charge for living space. In other words, is like the porches are for free, same with the garage. In the basement, in addition to the finished area they will place the bearing walls to support the joists.
    Hope this give you an idea.
    Good luck

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