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Wesley Hall upholstery

January 19, 2008

I am looking for two club chairs that are on the smaller side. I found a very nice one in a Henredon, but their fabric choices are not good and I couldn't find anything that would work.

Can anyone tell me how the quality of Wesley Hall compares. I did find a small club chair in their line and also a fabric that would work. I think I must have picked one of their more expensive fabrics ($85. per yard) and so the price is right up there with a Henredon chair.

How nice is their tailoring? This fabric would require expert matching to look good. Do they still use bias cording or are they now doing it on a straight grain?

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  • mactruck

    I have a Wesley Hall Sofa, with an upholstered chair as well as a Leather Chair & Ottoman. Wonderful quality and attention to detail. I love my set.

    They are a family owned business which I find these type of businesses focus on quality. Not quantity like most corporate juggernauts of the furniture industry.

    I think they're stuff is great but I'll let others chime in with they're experiences.

  • perky_2

    I ordered a Wesley Hall sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman about a year and a half ago. All pieces came with issues. The furniture store agreed that the pieces had major issues and took them back. The manager of the store said they had started having issues with the company. The furniture was pricey and I was dissapointed. The issues were that the backs of the sofa and love seat were separating (alot) the seats were not even (or even close), the fabric did not line up and was not an exact match to the sample, and there was discoloration in the chair (about an orange size). After close to six months of waiting, I was so dissapointed.

    Others on the HD board have had better luck and I have seen some beautiful pieces on their threads and they were very pleased. I decided to go with a different company and am pleased with my CR Laine sofa and chair.

  • grapeleaves

    Thanks .

    Perky, does your CR Laine furniture have a heavy frame? How does it compare in weight with the Wesley Hall. When I compared the weight of the Henredon chair with a Thomasville chair, the Henredon was a lot heavier.I also noticed that thomasville was not putting the cording in on the bias so you don't get as smooth a line around corners.

  • B Goldyguy

    We have been totally disappointed with Wesley Hall furniture. We ordered 4 pieces for our family room, comprising of two matching sofas, an ottoman and chair.. We had 3 defects - only the ottoman was produced correctly. The trim on the sofas was all applied too tightly so it bunched up and looked totally puckered across the bottom. The chair had an insufficient amount of filling so it showed a deep crevice near the top center. To their benefit, the sales rep did come out and agreed with the problems -- even noticed that the cushions weren't the right size as well. Wesley Hall picked up the pieces and returned them a few weeks later. We see little improvement -- the skirt on one sofa is better, the chair still has the crevice from insufficient stuffing and we now have a hole in the bottom of one of our sofa linings. I know Wesley Hall has a good reputation . . but, needless to say, we will not be purchasing their products again.

  • shepherdkisses

    I was thinking of ordering the Irving chair from Wesley Hall. I will probably skip it now. It seems there is no quality to be had in the furniture business anymore. I bought a couch and chair from H & M (Hancock) and have trouble with both. Geez.

  • lori fellows

    Do not purchase from Wesley Hall or Chestnut Hall, in Germantown, TN. Accountability from them about an inferior product will leave you questioning your good sense.

  • lori fellows

    The are not about accountability. Everything that happened will be blamed on the consumer. 4-6 weeks in is definitely a quality issue!!!!!

  • lori fellows

    Hello Chestnut Hall or Wesley Hall???????????????

    excuses, explanations, accountability,,,,,,,,,anything?????

  • hellomollydolly

    I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. I was going to place a rather large order with Wesley Hall but will continue my search.

  • PRO

    Their is a common misconception that the heavier a frame is means its a better stronger frame. Upholstery Frames in general are getting heavier because most manufacturers are switching to plywood frames. Plywood is heavier than solid hardwood, because of all the glue that is required to hold the plys together, plus it takes more plywood in a frame to make it as strong as a solid hardwood frame would be. Fact vs Fiction.

  • lori fellows

    Best advice,, do not use either! WAY over—priced for such inferior quality. The fabric has lost color, frayed, and worn to the point of wanting reupholstering now.

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