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Will it fit through the door?

14 years ago

After taking all the measurements of my room and determining that the sofa I like the best will fit in my living room, I just realized it may not fit through the front door! My door is 36" wide; the sofa is 40" tall and 44" deep. It's the largest opening into the house.

I made a paper template using the measurements from the company's website, thinking I could bring it in at an angle. To my best estimate, it still won't fit - not even close. We really wanted a 40" tall sofa, but of course the depth would then have to be much less than 44" for sure. I know it can be "angled" through, but I wonder if there's a sure way to tell what the limits are.

Anyone out there have any advice on how to tell from the measurements given online if a piece will fit, or experience with moving a large piece through a 36" door?

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