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Sunscreen causing ring around the collar

15 years ago

About three months ago I traded my old TL for a new Bosch Next 500 FL washer. At the same time I changed from using Tide detergent to either Charlie's Soap or Bi-O-Kleen detergents. When I wash white clothes I add Oxyclean to the detergent. I have been very happy with my wash results with one exception - my husband's white t-shirts have developed nasty orange ring around the collar. I'm sure these stains are from sunscreens, as he usually wears these shirts when he is fishing and he always wears sunscreen when out in the sun.

With my old washer and detergent I could see a faint yellowish discoloration on his older t-shirts, but with my new washer I am seeing a very distinct orange stain that shows up even on new shirts.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm not sure if my new washer or my new detergents are to blame. Other than this white t-shirt issue I am very happy with my new washer, as I feel that my clothes are cleaner and look better than when washed in my old washer. Suggestions, anyone?

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