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Biggest air leaks in a home

10 years ago

I'm attaching a pie chart of the biggest air leaks in a home. I was surprised the fireplace is that high up there close to ducts.

The fireplace is probably easier to tackle since it's one area that can leak 14% on average. I just closed the flue and sealed around the aluminum frame glass fireplace doors.

I'm going over the list, but my biggest problem is going to be the floor and plumbing penetrations. Walls have new R-15 loose insulation and ceiling has R-25 insulation.

The doors and windows are next on my list. Even though I have double pane windows, they are 20 years old and I feel a draft around some windows especially on the side track where my windows go up/down to open/close. This is disappointing to find a draft on my double pane windows.

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