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Does anyone have a red and/or orange kitchen?

January 14, 2011

I did a virtual color painter of a kitchen in Valspar's La Fonda Antique Red, Ecru, Baked Clay and Bamboo Leaves. I love it. On my monitor.

I was wondering if anyone has done their kitchen in deep muted colors. We have a fairly bright kitchen that is open to our family room where I'm planning on ecru, rich mahogany & baked clay.

Pics if you have them would be appreciated! Thanks!

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  • jterrilynn

    I don't have red but I do have a raisin sort of color and BM aurbury (sp?) that has some warmth to it and sort of a clay color flooring. My base cabs are cordovan cherry with a glaze and my glass backsplash has a color in it that changes with the lighting, sometimes it looks orange and other times it perfectly matches the base color.

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=view&current=partoffinishedkitchen049.jpg"; target="_blank">

  • haley_comet

    Actually I just painted my kitchen a deep teracotta color..I will take pictures tomorrow and post...

  • deeinohio

    I previously had a terra cotta in my kitchen with dark cherry stained cabinets. I did it with a burnt umber glaze and cheesecloth, and I loved it. Everyone who visited loved it, and a couple of people actually duplicated it in their own home. When I painted my adjoining dining room gray, the orange had to go. I had it for 11 years so I was ready for a change. I don't have a picture on this computer but it was similar to the walls in this photo:


  • B H

    dee - that sounds just well, delicious!

    haley - thanks...would love to see it. I'm still not convinced of doing a bamboo color in the kitchen like DH wants. He's afraid we're going to be overwhelmed by the burnt oranges.

    jtl - that's a beautiful kitchen. I love your back splash. You said it reads orange sometimes? It looks very green on my monitor.

  • jterrilynn

    I'm having a heck of a time capturing the real colors of my kitchen. Some of it is due to the fact that I'm not good at taking pictures, I have a sucky camera and the fact that one whole wall of the kitchen has eight foot windows so I get a lot of color change at different times of day.
    This is the backsplash before grout so it looks much different up. The creamy color has a little more yellow in real life.

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=viewät=2ndcounterwithfaucet0004.png"; target="_blank">

    The granite on my peninsula also has some of the orange in it, but again only really shows up at certain times a day.

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=viewät=2ndcounterwithfaucet0003.png"; target="_blank">

    And then when you stand in the family room and look into the kitchen it looks very different once again.

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=viewät=finished022.jpg"; target="_blank">

    If standing in the kitchen looking into the family room it takes on another look, guess I'll never get bored lol. This was a complete DIY with rta cabinets we put together, I'm happy with it.

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=viewät=morekitchen003.jpg"; target="_blank">

  • B H

    OMG! The pictures don't do your kitchen justice (LOL - no offense). :)

    The granite is gorgeous. I am a huge fan of granite with a lot of movement. What is your granite called?

    The glass tiles are gorgeous, too. Put together, it looks like you have a sleek yet warm kitchen.

  • jterrilynn

    Hi, the peninsula granite is called Cabolaboro. However, I have another granite at the two tone section by my stove and it's called Cashmier Yellow or gold, I used the calm section of that slab. As you can imagine everyone and their mother thought I was nuts mixing this many things in a small tall kitchen and when I told them I was also putting mirrors in my cabinet doors they about lost it. My husband hated the lantern light fixture that I ordered online too, it came in a rustic bronzy finish but I had planned on painting it black with the center in antique silver. Here's some pictures but I wish I would have captures some of the looks on others expressions while I was at it...too funny!

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=view&current=graniteanddogandfamily086.jpg"; target="_blank">

    http://s1004.photobucket.com/albums/af170/jterrilynn/kitchen%20progress%20pictures/?action=view&current=kitchenprogresspictures007.jpg"; target="_blank">

  • sis3

    The color palette for this house revolves around aqua blues and greens (it's a sub tropical waterfront home) but the kitchen has splashes of red, green and even orange with the aqua blue in! The inspiration was a gift of a tagine. The fabric was in response to the colors in the tagine and the colors used in the rest of the house. It may not help you as there are no walls painted in solid red or orange.

  • jterrilynn

    sis, love those drapes!!!

  • B H

    sis - funny that you should mention tagine because I was thinking of tagine last night when I came across this photo:


    My friend who does a lot of charity work in Morocco went home with one along with a recipe he shared.

    I like how your choices evolved from the tagine to the colorful fabric to your final look.

    jterrilynn - isn't it great when people can look at you crazy but YOU KNOW that it's going to work out?

  • paintergirl94

    I just did a kitchen for a client where I used a deep red base and then a black glaze brushed on top, in several layers. In certain angles/certain times of day, it gives a leathery richness and other times, a venetian plaster look. The kitchen cabinets are a combination of white, espresso and a weathered finish on some accent pieces in a barn red. And the room itself, has lots of natural light.
    She says everyone who sees it, loves it.
    If you like the virtual look of your room, your next step should be slapping up a few paint (or paper) samples to see how it will really look.

  • Oakley

    My kitchen is sorta red, mostly accents. Here's a couple of pictures.

    These pictures are from early last year, it's accessorized differently now.

    The backsplash is white subway tile with ruby red diamond shaped inserts. Above the stove and sink I have a row of yellow diamond tile.

    Not much wall to paint, but what we do have is SW Tea Light, which is a pale, light yellow.

  • jan_in_wisconsin

    Our kitchen is red (SW Flower Pot), and it's a color we learned we liked in a showcase home tour (it looks a bit more brick red in real life):

  • krycek1984

    We did ours in a deep, deep red...Cinnamon in Behr Ultra Premium Plus, I think? We couldn't be happier. it's gorgeous! Go for it.

  • Meghane

    Red, black, and white here:

    The roasted pepper kitchen in my old house:

  • theroselvr

    I almost went with orange in our kitchen; I actually found a few great samples at Depot but it clashed with our counter.

  • colorblind1961

    I've got a color from Behr called "Grounded" in my kitchen. It's a beautiful, muted, spiced pumpkin color. It's not as bright as seen here IRL.

  • B H

    Thanks for posting all your photos...all your kitchens looks so warm and inviting!

    I'm vacillating still (but what else is new?). DH is scared of the idea of having deep red walls in the kitchen.

    Jan - DH saw your SW Flowerpot kitchen and said he likes that so we're thinking of doing the deep orange there and taking my chocolate brown into the family room.

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