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Samsung Washer - Water ALWAYS Hot?

October 30, 2011

Hi - I'm, new here!

We just bought a new front-loading Samsung Washer and Dryer set, and I've found that no matter what heat setting I choose for the water, the clothes always come out hot.

We thought maybe the guy had forgotten to turn on the cold water valve, but we checked that to be sure, and everything seems fine. I also tried to wash the clothes on Warm/Warm to see if they were any cooler when they came out, and they weren't - they were still steaming hot.

I decided tonight to stop the washer after a few minutes and feel if the water was actually hot or maybe just got hot during the spin (lame I know, but I'm out of ideas!)

Anyone else experience this? I don't care so much for my whites but I don't want my darks and colors to fade.



Comments (17)

  • dadoes

    Very well could be that the hot and cold water hoses are connected to the machine in reverse.ÃÂ Not unusual that a delivery/install crew gets them backward, some machines are opposite from the "usual" and they don't check the labeling on the hose ports.

    Run a Quick cycle with the temp set to Cold/Cold, pause it when the final spin begins, check if the drum feels hot.

  • sheenalee

    I actually put it on Hot/Cold and paused it after a couple minutes, and the wash water was cold. We're calling the guy back to come and fix it!

    Thanks! :)

  • dadoes

    You can swap the hoses yourself in much less time than waiting for someone else. :-)

  • asolo

    Listen to dadoes, please.

    If you want to ball the people out with a phone call, by all means do that. They deserve it.

    On the other hand, calling them in to switch hoses for you is on a par with calling an electrician to change a light bulb. Don't be silly about this.

    If you are disabled in some way, please disregard.

  • nalaxu

    My Samsung front loader just started to do this after 4 years. Laundry set to cold, has always been cold, and came out steaming hot.

  • Jennifer

    nalaxu, if your washer just started doing this, it might be a bad part, such as a temperature switch or water inlet valve. Read reasons why a
    washer has no hot or cold water

  • kdla

    Ours is doing the same after a few years of owning the washing machine, and it working well. I'm looking for a solution online...did you find a quick solution to this or did you require a service call?

  • Shelly Hall

    I'm having the same problem so I turned off the hot water so the machine only gets cold water.....and MY CLOTHES STILL COME OUT HOT REALLY FRUSTRATING.I called Samsung and they are useless

  • r r

    I'm having the exact same problem. Can only wash my whites because the machine only uses hot water. So annoyed. This is a new front load Samsung.

  • littlegreeny

    Sounds like the built in heater is stuck "on". I'd get warranty service.

  • Stephanie

    I am having the exact problem with my top loader that is less than 4 years old, called into Samsung, warranty is only good for 24 months. To replace the defective part is over 200-. Last time I purchase a samsung.

  • wbgl

    Yes!! I just realized that my Samsung is adding extremely hot water to my cold water cycle. I added a piece of clothing after the cycle had started and hot water dripped on my hand. I had put the wash cycle on cold so there should not have been any hot water during this wash cycle. I don't know how long it has been doing this since I don't normally add clothing after the washer has started. This is DEFINITELY THE LAST SAMSUNG WASHER/DRYER I WILL EVER PURCHASE!!!!! I have already dealt with the recall issue and now this. It is past the warranty so I am sure I am stuck with trying to figure out a way to use the machine and not shrink my clothes.

  • wbgl

    BTW, my hoses are NOT reversed. When I changed the wash cycle to Delicates and chose cold water, it actually ran cold water. There is something else wrong with my machine!

  • dadoes

    "Changed the wash cycle to Delicates and chose cold water ..."

    What cycle and options were initially selected?

  • wbgl

    Had been using the Active Wear cycle and changing the water temp to cold.

  • Stephanie

    I checked every cycle to see if it was working, i could get a full cycle on normal if i put it on hot (for cold) I went back and forth with the repair man, when he came out the bill just kept increasing. I paid him his 80.00 and I decided to just replace the washer. After research LG had the best credibility. Everyone I spoke to has had their LG washer and dryers for over 10 years. I just replaced the washer, but now it seems my 2 year old Samsung dryer is not wanting to dry correctly. I will say I am very happy with my new washer. It removed stains that my Samsung couldn't.

  • dadoes


    I can't confirm anything about any given brand/model ... programming often changes from one to another, and even on a specific model during the run of production. Consider that since your Delicate/cold apparently runs only cold water, perhaps the Active Wear cycle is purposely adding some hot or warm water to better deal with sweaty/odorous garments.

    I don't wash anything in tap-cold (only for rinsing) ... cool wash at the minimum, 80°F to 85°F, and very little of that.

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