Lunch making

13 years ago

It seems like the only things I've been purchasing lately (mostly those things required to run my household and personal life) are items like Lock and Lock containers, aluminum water bottles and insulated lunch containers. (Before this it was heavy duty grocery and shopping bags; those I bought and have been using since the 1980's needed an upgrade.) Lately, I've decided to become far as planning the mid-day meal and started packing dh's lunch for him. The benefit of this is that I make one for myself as well, which keeps me from kitchen grazing during the day, and I find I'm eating better meals. I've been working lately on ''presentation'' and figuring out that it doesn't take as much food as I used to think, to make a satisfying meal (or little meals during the day). I'm perfecting the art of the club, the roll-up, the wraps, and learning how to pack a few fruits/veggies to make a more complete meal. Someone in the cooking forum turned me on to Bento, which I'm loving, and I know we're eating better than anything we can go out for. Part of this is my quest to help keep our finances in check, while making a lunch delicious enough that packing one is the only way to go!

I need to cut down on the amount of time I'm spending, but think that will happen as I'm figuring it out as I go along. I put the sandwich stuff together in a basket in the fridge, so all I have to do is pull that out if I'm making sandwiches. I'm trying to make the lunches colorful and beautiful, and include fresh fruit and veggies in every one. I'm finding I actually don't crave cookies or junk food if there's a few slices of fruit, and the veggies are very satisfying when they're already sliced or cut up if there isn't too much. I don't do this every day, but about three times a week; the added benefit is I'm getting Thank You notes from my husband for the lunch I packed!

(Check the link below for learning about Bento. The site is excellent, jam packed with great information.)

So I'm many of you pack lunches? How have you managed to make it easier, quicker or more satisfying?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lunch in a Box

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