'shocking' problem and replace water heater element

9 years ago

I mentioned a problem we are having getting shocked at the sink and shower (when using water) to an HVAC contractor who was giving me a bid on something else. This problem has stumped two electricians. We can't predict when the shocks happen, and they don't happen when the electricians come. The HVAC guy offered to check my water heater (he also installs water heaters) to see if. . .I apologize, but I can't remember what he was checking. . .maybe if something was burned out. . .it was fine though. He did suggest that we replace our water heater element (and said that if we are handy we could easily/cheaply do it ourselves) because doing this might possibly solve the problem with the possibility that part of our system is not bonded. We are probably going to get a new water heater within the next year, after we finish some higher priority projects, so I wonder before my husband or I spend the time on learning how to do this, does anyone have an understanding of how changing the element might help the problem with the shocks. This is an older house (1960s) and wiring problems have turned up in renovating other parts of the house. Thank you!

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