J.L. Blodgett abandons pool project

January 21, 2009

I wanted to send along a note of caution to all members about an experience I had with pool builder J.L. Blodgett - Temecula CA and owner Jerry Blodgett. The building process was going along reasonably in the beginning as we were accomplishing tasks that were associated with pay milestones. I encountered issues as we approached the end of the project and it would require three calls to Jerry before I would receive a return call. There was always some sort of excuse about being out of town or stricken by illness. Jerry would eventually show up and make an effort to resolve the issue i.e. electrical, spa jet flow, etc.. As I became more suspicious about the health of his business I requested that I make payment directly to his subs and pay him his profit directly. Understandably Jerry did not like this but I had been burned by his landscape partner so I demmanded this arrangement. After the installation of the electric cover and corresponding payments the contract had been paid in full. With only final inspection and a few electrical modules remaining I was surprised to find Jerry not returning my calls and totally abandoning the project. I now find myself paying another builder to complete the project and will have to seek damages from him in court. This builder is a two man shop funding projects with funds from future projects and it looks like this house of cards has collapsed. Perhaps if I had not demmanded to pay the contractors directly I would be out more $$. Do not be fooled by the quiet demeanor this is not a company nor person to trust with your project!!!

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  • poolexpert

    Sorry you had this happen. Checking the contractors license he started in business in 1975 as Blodgett Brothers. The economy has hit the pool business very hard I would guess some companys are doing 30-40% of the pools in 2006.
    I used to recomend that people request a completion bond If the contractor has poor credit you can move on to the next company.

  • repair_guy

    Blodgett hhas been around forever but honestly I have not seen him driving around town in some time. He is more than a two man shop and for that matter, one man shops do better than most multi-man shops who have the day laborer of the day inyour yard. You could at least count on who is in your yard everyday with a smaller company.

    This is not an endorsement of Blodgett but just a perspective that this industry has taken a huge hit and on a good day, pool building is a risk with most guys who have entered the industry in the past 5 years. Even the good guys are dying right now and illness to a small company can indeed cause a failure if that is truly what went on.

    You made the right choice in paying subs.

  • ctm14

    Has anyone had a similar experience with Blodgett? I am going to file a complaint with the state contractors board and am wondering if anyone has done similar.

  • tim_a

    I recently hired Mr. Blodgett to install a pool in my backyard. Let me set the record straight as CTM14 has made some biased claims. This is not a one man shop as Jerry has his brother Dan, Dan's son Dave, and his own son Jerry Junior working for him. He also has good control over the sub contractors that he used during the process of building my pool. I found him to be an honest, trustworthy, and very reliable person. He returned calls and had someone over whenever I had a concern. He also finished the job about 4 weeks early even with at least 3 delays due to rain. If you want a quality pool at a fair price, with everything spelled out and no surprises I would fully recommend you give Jerry a call. I want to thank him and everyone else who helped make my backyard an oasis to enjoy.

  • ctm14


    I am glad you had a good experience. I am also glad to hear Jerry is healthy; I wonder what it was that prevented him from returning more than 5 messages I left him. I still find myself without the light dimming module and remote telephone module he comitted to in our contract. I also was left to pay fees to a back up construction company who I had to hire to remediate small issues and get me through final city approval. I guess he can do a good job with a project but if I was going to trust my next pool project to someone it would not be someone who is not committed to the satisfaction of all his customers. My statements above are not opinions I actually have items missing from the initial contract and to me that is simply dishonest. The price may be reasonable but when you contract to build a pool the initial price does not always tell the full story.

  • goyom

    Do everything in your power to hang this guy out to dry IF he treated you like this.

    Karma is a fickle mistress and if he has done this he WILL get his, and most likely rot in you know where at some point.

    Sorry you are having such a bad time of it.

  • Gerom

    I am Jerry Blodgett of J.L.Blodgett Pool Const. We have been building pools for 39 years & have had a very good reputation since the 1st year we started in 1973, We also do 4 different phases of construction for other pool builders & take very good care of them & our own pools, The person that is complaining held me up for over 3 months because he hired a cheap landscape, hardscape contractor ( if he was a contractor, I'm not sure ) They had to tear out all the concrete,& someone else re-installed it, I checked on the job weekly to get back in & continue my job, I even went there to direct his new guy because he was'nt sure of a few things, The 1st guy even poured the pool cover box wrong & I had my guys go fix it at no charge to the customer, I completed the pool right after they got the concrete situation rectified, The only thing not completed by us was the dimmer switch & phone jack & he informed me he was not going to go forward with the solar that was in the contract, I had $ 2,200.00 of the pool profit in the solar & he decided he did'nt want to do it. He breeched his contract & then slandered my name, I just want everyone to know my side of the story, Also, we are still doing very well in the pool business even thru the last 4 weak years, I would like to thank all of my customers for their business, To anyone wanting a swimming pool, we have lots of happy customers & references you can talk to, even my subs would be glad to talk to you, we always pay them right when they are done so that keeps them loving to do my work, Everyone works together to build you a great pool, Hope to hear from you, J.L.Blodgett Pools

  • PRO

    I have only heard great things about J L Blodgett Pool Construction. I have recommended him to many clients and they have all stated high praise! It is a family business with most of the work performed by family members. Mr. Blodgett has been constructing swimming pools since 1973 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

  • bradsb53

    We had Jerry build us a pool 2 years ago (2013) in Murrieta. Not only did he do a great job, he completed it 3 weeks earlier than planned. Anytime we called him, he called back and followed up in person or sent someone from his crew. I would not hesitate to recommend Jerry to my family or friends!

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