clogged vent stack??

14 years ago

Ok, so we have sewer odor occasionally (seems weather related) in one room and the room below it. The one room is behind the bathroom and the other is below the bathroom. there are no leaks that we have seen.

The bathroom (on second floor) works pretty well. The toilet clogs more than normal but I think that the previous owner dropped something in it.

Anyways we were thinking that the vent pipe may exit into a wall or something stupid (our house is over 150 yrs old) however there is a vent pipe sticking up through the roof. I also am thinking that this was the first bathroom and that it is connected to the main stack, which I therefore assume is exciting the house through the roof. So this makes me in turn think that it isn't exciting into the wall but maybe our vent pipe is clogged a bit.

So either we call someone to look at the vent or we remove a piece of our wainscotting and look under it, where we think the pipe is going and where the smell originates from (as far as we can tell) and see what is happening there.

I was thinking maybe calling someone to look at the vent would be the first thing we should try. One plumber suggested putting a hose down the vent (NO WAY!) and we dont' want to do that because most likely something will go and break and water will be everywhere.

Do you think we can just call a stupid rotor rooter service?? Would this be the first thing you would suggest doing?? If it were a clog would this cause the occasional odor? It seems temp related, which is why I was thinking it was exciting into the attic. I figured when the warm attic air cooled it fell down into the bedroom. however this doesn't explain why we don't smell it in the bathroom or any other upstairs room.




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