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granite fabrication questions..what do you think!

12 years ago

So this marble lover is finally able to embrace the granite countertop thing. After a year of searching I came across a beautiful granite called Titanium Black. As I posted earlier (but can't find), I am wondering if anyone has info about and/or experience with this stone?

My layout includes an island that is 117in x 37.5in. There will be a 13.5in overhang along the back for stools and an 8in overhang on the two sides. My fabricator, who is very reputable, says I do not need any supports for the larger overhang. I have questioned them on two occasions and they keep telling me it is fine to do this and that they do these overhangs often. This is NOT what I have read here.

Also, they showed me a thin 6in line along the top of one of the slabs and said it was a "crack". They are planning to start using the granite for the island an inch below where the crack ends. Again, they have a very good reputation, I have seen there work and have also read good reviews about them on this site.

So to all the granite experts, what do you think?

Thanks so much for your help!

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