Diamond Brite Dark Pool Color Help

June 2, 2009

I am torn between color choices, and sadly the SGM website does not provide much in the way of pool color photos. At first I was thinking of midnight blue, but the few pics I have seen show too much like windex blue.

The DB brochure has a "Watercolor" series that includes an interesting shade called Steel Blue which is a mix of 4 parts Tahoe Blue to 1 part Onyx - has anyone ever used this color and if so, can you post a few pics or thoughts?

It seems like mixing in Onyx (Black) into any blue shade enhances and deepens the blue color, so if anyone has used an interesting mix that has resulted in a darker blue, I'd love the feedback. Thanks.

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  • el_duderino

    We have midnight blue, and it is really coming into it's own. At first, we were pretty scared, because it did appear very "windex blue". However, as the aggregate is starting to expose, it is really beautiful. We love it. Our pool builder does do several combinations that include onyx (and french grey) mixed with the midnight blue and it is also very pretty. I wanted the bright blue color of pure midnight blue, so we opted to go that route.

    There are several pictures of the midnight blue on the below link, and I plan to update with new pics once our decks are enhanced and sealed (hopefully today!!)

    Here is a link that might be useful: our pool build

  • mside6

    el duderino - thanks for responding and I had seen you pool build elsewhere on this site - really beautiful.

    Spoke to Diamond Brite again today, but they are very hesitant to provide any color information in order to limit themselves to disgruntled consumers. On one hand it makes sense, but when you look at other manufactures like pebble tec who go out of their way with posting pics and other info, it may be a bit shortsighted.

    Nevertheless, decision time is two days away, and I may just take the leap of faith on the steel blue. I love the idea of the darker blue that you get from onyx/midnight, but I am not sure if I have the courage to go for it. Every pic that I see looks beautiful when no one is swimming, but the few I have seen with swimmers, seem to make them disappear a few inches below the waterline, and I think part of the enticement (or psychology) in swimming enjoyment is that a lighter, more transparent pool feels more inviting.

    Still hoping for a few last minute posts should they be forthcoming.

  • trhought


    Our pool has midnight blue mixed with onyx in a 5:1 ratio. The onyx only made the finish slightly darker which we wanted and it is still easy to see swimmers even at the bottom of the deep end of the pool which is 8 feet.

    Below is a link to our pool so you can see the color.

    Hope this helps!

    Here is a link that might be useful: Midnight Blue+Onyx Finish

  • mside6

    trhought - thanks for posting and no need to say how spectacular your pool is - you must have a line down the street to buy entry tickets.

    Your pics are confirming for me that I need to go darker with my choice than Midnight Blue. My pool is much smaller, rectangular and my design aesthetic runs quite modern. I think I am moving more towards onyx. MY PB says go with straight onyx though I am wondering if I should still go for a mix that includes either some tahoe blue or french gray to tone down the darkness just a bit more?

  • trhought

    Thanks for the kind words about our pool....this time of year, the pool is used everyday and no less than 8 hours at a time. We've had as many as 40 kindergarten kids swimming in it at one time in May....what a sight that was....and they all got on the pirate ship for a photo opportunity. Most days, we have at least 4-5 guests over for an afternoon swim....we are enjoying the pool life!

    I agree...if you're after a darker finish, don't go with any blue. Our PB has done straight onyx and I've seen these's no problem to see someone swimming at the bottom and the water is a lot more reflective if that's the effect you're after.

    Hope this helps!

  • mside6

    Thanks - Getting a lot of rain here so I have a few more days to make myself crazy over color choices.

    I think I may be switching to a mix that was used by a previous poster named dischnell. They used Premix Marbletite Marquis mixing charcoal and pewter together and got a nice deep and dark blue out of it, but not so dark as straight onyx. More importantly they put a formula on the forum which can be copied, hopefully with similar results.

    Also, it seems like DB and Marquis are more or less identical products with the exception of standard colors.

    If anyone else has used a mix of colors that incorporate onyx, with grays or blues and would care to post them along with a formula - would sure love to see it.

  • mside6

    el duderino - you mentioned that your PB has used combinations that included onyx with grays and blues. Can you forward their website or contact info so I can see if they have any pictures of dark colored combinations?


  • teppy

    just a thought, i wonder how french gray and onyx would look? i have french gray mixed with verde. the french gray is a pretty dark blue by itself with a hint of a greenish tint. a little bit of the black in it might be nice. i have seen an onyx pool on the small side. i have to say that i did not like it at all. its way too dark. thats just me. i have a fear of swimming in pools that i can't see whats there around me. it scares me. i could never swim in an unlit pool at night either. you really should try to find a pool in the onyx before you do this. i like dark colored pools, but thats just too dark for me.

  • mside6

    teppy - therein lies the problem. It's quite possible that a combination of French Gray and Onyx could be great, but how may bags of one to the other? The combinations could yield success or utter failure.

    Even buying some test bags to mix will only get you a dry sample and if you have ever seen the dry samples, clearly they provide very little indication of what the actual water color will be.

    I think the reality is that I will have to choose something that will get as close to the color I hope for and live with the results. Pool depth, surrounding landscape, sun conditions based upon location, even the pool shape are factors that will alter the color. It amazing that when you think about the cost of a pool investment, there is so much unknown regarding the end result of this one crucial aspect.

  • teppy

    i know, i stressed like crazy over my diamond brite color. in the end, i had to trust some photos that another pool forum member here gave me the 'recipe' for the mixture i used. i love it! i really need to update my pool photos. these are some right after it was finished. but, you can see the water color. i know its not what your after. but you can see what french gray looks like mixed with a very little bit of verde.

  • mside6

    So I finally went with a mix of 70% tahoe blue and 30% Onyx Diamond Brite. It went on yesterday - and I hate it. I know I need to give it a few days or more, but right now it is way too dark. I am having fantasy thought of draining the pool so I can scratch down the finish coat and add a layer of lighter DB.

  • lmhall2000

    I bet it will be beautiful, I also believe darker water colors have less refractory damage on your it may save you some cataract surgery down the road! :) Please let us see it with water in it after all the changes occur!

  • sgregor

    Trhought-I am new to this website and found your page while searching for Diamond Brite photos. I see you went with a mixture of 5-1. I thought I saw somewhere else that you were considering 5-2. Did you find it too dark? I love the shade you went with, but also wouldn't mind a shade darker.

    You seem to be super knowlegable about this stuff, so I would really appreciate your opinion. Thanks!!

  • mside6

    Woke up this morning (36 hours from pool fill) and we are clearly a shade lighter/bluer to my relief. If we keep seeing improvement like this over the next few days I believe I will be quite pleased with the pool color.

    I am keeping a photo record and will post some pics shortly.

  • cpotter638

    Mside6 - Do you have any photos of your pool plaster (70% tahoe blue & 30% onyx) that you can post or email me? I am considering a similar plaster color and cannot find photos. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • tsomers

    We have a sports pool (no deeper than 5'6", curvilinear shape, pool perimeter: 90 and attached spa perimeter 20) Not a large pool. We want a black bottom pool to grab more heat from the sun, but reading some of the comments, makes me wonder if we should go w/ a mix of Tahoe Blue + Onyx...does any one out there have some photos of this combinataion? Or just Onyx? Our PB has a China Blue = French Gray + Tahoe Blue---but I think this may be too light. Any help???

  • 1somanychoices23

    Mside6 -- do you have any pictures of your pool you could post or send me as well? We are agonizing over pool color. Thanks!

  • larryz8

    Too many ? Do you use Diamond Brite for color or durability? The upgrade is .15 of total cost of pool!
    On color, we originally selected medium grey marbledust. Now it may be better to switch to a aggregate finish. We want a grey color (french grey) not white but not dark, but the green water color is not desirable. Many of you have mixed colors, and DB offers "Watercolors" series but still cannot judge from this. I am reaching out for a med.grey color cement with a addition that may impart a more blue color than green.

  • missyn

    we are trying to decide on diamond brite pool colors and we are leaning toward the onyx but i am afraid it will be too dark.. Can anyone post pictures? Our PB is suggesting a color btw french gray and onyx, but i need to see it

  • jacquedishes

    Could you please post pictures of the plaster finish you decided to go with. I,too am going with steel blue diamond brite quartz finish....

  • smoss

    I am also going with Steel Blue... does anyone have any photos?

  • smoss

    I am also going with Steel Blue... does anyone have any photos?

  • tparker38

    no pictures?

  • jscozz

    missyn and others... would love to see pictures of your final decision and are you happy with it?

  • spamail1304

    I am wondering how the steel blue stands up to time (fade, etc.). Does anyone here have any pictures of the steel blue and if so, what are your thoughts on going with this color? I am days away from having to choose a color for my own pool. Thanks!

  • skavan

    any pics of tahoe + onyx mixes? heading this way myself.

  • Lori Kahn

    am thinking of using diamond brite cobalt for my very large (custom shaped pool, 10 ft at deep end) and can find almost no pix on line. concerned ti may be too dark. Does anyone have any pictures of a cobalt blue pool?

  • Lindsey Aucoin

    Teppy, Would you have a picture of your pool?

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