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Pentair MasterTemp400 pool heater - ignition problem

12 years ago

Pentair MasterTemp 400 natural gas heater won't ignite. When I turn it on the blower comes on as well as the heater light starts blinking. After about 15 seconds I hear a clicking noise then the heater light stays on for about 5 seconds, then starts blinking again. After about 20 more seconds the heater light goes out and the service heater light comes on. My gas meter says 315 CFM and I think that would be large enough. I smell no gas at all even after trying to ignite the heater several time. The heater is a little less than a year old so I hope it is still under warranty. I has this same problem when they first installed the heater but then it started working after serveral attempts but that strategy isn't working this time around. Any ideas??

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