Problems with ThermaTru entry door

July 11, 2006

Has anyone run into problems or issues with ThermaTru/Benchmark fiberglass front entry doors? We had one installed from Lowes back in April. Long story short, one of the side lites was leaking from under the threshold. The factory finally sent out a contractor to examine it, agreed it was defective, and attempted to fix it. It still leaks. The factory is now blaming the installer and does not want to come back out to fix the problem properly, and Lowes of course is blaming the factory. The carpet and subfloor are damaged from the water leak and I'm still getting yanked around. ThermaTru has washed their hands of any responsibility at this point and does not want to stand behind their 'lifetime warranty'. Lowes tells me they will arrange to get it fixed. Given the hassle I've been put through so far however, I would never purchase another ThermaTru product, nor could I ever recommend their products. As for Lowes and the installer, the jury is still out on them. If they fix the problem as they promised, I will be satisfied.

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  • Jill Dahl

    Also, have been noticing Lowe's service has gone down the tube. I don't think they care. Time to get rid of big box stores.

  • jonesfairlane500

    Let me say first that I am one that does not usually complain about anything. Going forward I purchased a Therma Tru entry door from Lowes on 5/28/07 and 18 months after we started having problems with this product with seals leaking and air coming in around the side lite seams. I called Lowes and they sent out a inspect the problem. Upon there inspection I was told that I had not kept up with the maintenance of the exterior trim work therefore my warranty was void. I asked this person what did this have to do with the other problems and she did not have a good answer for me just that they would not cover it. I finally replaced the door with one from Home Depot. So much for Lowes and Therma Tru doors. I am done with Lowes for sure.

  • Holly Meyer

    We built a house four years ago, installed 4 TT doors. 2 are solid and go to the garage. The other 2 are exterior with glass one has side lights. Both side lights have had gas leaks, the other door leaked water from around the glass molding and the whole glass had to be replaced. Ours are fiberglass wood grain looking, and required special gel stain, which we paid someone $400 to do for us. When the glass is replaced they take the molding and the replacement is white, the stain is very expensive, and we had to pay each time to have the molding restained. None of this is our real problem, outdoor jambs will not hold the special stain, so our professional guy suggested painting dark brown. He stripped the doors, and painted on our dime again. Within a few months the jambs started peeling again along with the door frame. I wrote to TT and sent pics, they sent a form type letter stating they weren't going to warranty, and my take away is they don't want to be bothered. We have receipts, we used a credible very experienced builder, our doors were purchased and special ordered, they were not cheap. Our home is beautiful and our front entry is a debacle and an embarrassment. If we ran our business this way, we wouldn't have a business. The time and energy spent on these doors isn't calcuable and still no resolve. Like a nightmare that just doesn't end. Would never purchase again.

  • mtvhike

    I purchased my TT doors from the Authorized Dealer who did the installation. No problems at all! Never buy anything from a Big Box store which requires any support. They are for DIYs or contractors who do the work.

  • mobean18657

    I have a TT vent light Steel ex door. I can't seem to find a way to clean the glass. Don't know how to get screen or glass window out. Any ideas?

  • tfedders3

    I've had lots of problems with my Therma-tru door! It was not manufactured properly. First the frame system was not true/square, second, the core cutouts for the doorglass were cut too large and unevenly at that so the grille did not completely cover the opening!! We only noticed the oversize problem on one of the two side lights at installation. The factory sent a new frame and core for the one side light; that was nice, but then after a big rain, water was pouring out the bottom of the second side light! Same problem with the opening and the grille didn't stand a chance of keeping a seal! Now the black seal between the glass panes is oozing out from the margins into the visible area of the glass. I like my local dealer, but there is NO WAY I can recommend a Therma-tru door.

  • Dennis Symer

    My new home had Therma-Tru french door entry. They are supposed to have warranty, but warranty is, they send you a new wood slab. I would not recommend this product. Milgard is the company that did my windows. They have came out and replaced several windows without any trouble. Some companies just have integrity.

  • PRO
    Deese Remodeling

    It seems that I am the only one who notices that fiberglas doors ( especially TT ) deflect at the lockset stile as they close onto the weatherstripping… This causes less seal from exterior air infiltration at the top and/or bottom of door….I realize that a fiberglas door will never be as stiff as all of the wooden doors I have removed over 35 years - but I am dissatisfied with this aspect of fiberglas doors….Am I the only one to notice this ??? Has anyone noticed a difference in fiberglas doors (regarding the manufacturer or model ) in stile stiffness ?? Thanks…..

  • mfcig1

    We had a French door installed in April 2016 by a professional contractor. The door was a factory flaw. We purchased it from M Lumber, Gilbertsville, Pa. but the TT door has gaps and bows that are unbelievable. Rxxb Lumber sent their representative out 3 x's and the end result was "it is what it is". For the $2K+++ I would never purchase a TT door again. The replacement door was to resolve the issue which it did not. We are out the money because they feel the issue was resolved under warranty.

  • Amy Meredith

    Therma-Tru does not honor their warranty. I just purchase three pre-hung fiberglass entry doors. After two weeks and one good rain storm one of the doors leaked so much it ruined our floors. Had a representative from TM Cobb, their guy, come out and he tried three different ways to blame my contractor. It is clearly leaking from the threshold in one specific spot in the corner. When I cover that spot the leak stops. I also emailed the company and called two times, and no response. I was just offered a new frame that I would have to pay for. I should have known when the doors first arrived and one was wrong and they refused to take it back. My contractor had to keep the door that they sent that opened the wrong way. They refused to take it back. We had it in writing what way each door was suppose to open and they messed up, but held strong. I should have known then that they did not care about their customers.

  • millworkman

    What are we looking at here? I see nothing that looks like it is two weeks old?

  • mwayne260

    STAY AWAY FROM THERMA TRU!!!!! Just bought a double patio system through a local contractor. I thought that would be a better way to go than a big box store. The contractor went above and beyond to install my doors. After just 2 weeks, FAIL! The doors leak around the glass AND the bottom of the doors. I put a straight edge against the door and it's WARPED! The corners of the door don't seal in the jamb. To make matters worse, as I was opening the dummy door, the spring tabs on the sliding bars broke...just folded up on themselves. I have water damage everywhere inside my entryway (floor, walls, door jamb). Now I have to deal with mildew and a door that I can't use. Guess what? Therma Tru tried to blame the installer (common theme). This is completely ridiculous. They just seem to deflect and point blame to someone else. This is obviously cheaply made product and a bad design. I wish I had read these reviews first. It seems like so many other people have had similar problems. I thought Therma Tru used to be a good door and a reputable company. Now I'm stuck fighting to get them to do the right thing. I'm so angry.

    Beware - I went to Lowes to look at other door builders and found that Pella doors are a rebadged Therma Tru door at a HIGHER PRICE! Glad I caught that before I spent more money on more garbage.

    Good luck to everyone fighting to get things fixed by TT.

  • Susie La

    I am more than disappointed with the answer I received from corporate Therma Tru regarding the 3rd door replacement on my kitchen. We replace the original door 8 years ago, with a pressure treated jam, to prevent the "rotting" on all the original doors installed in our new home.

    The "new" door is about 8 years old and the jams rotted so badly, you can out your finger right thru the wood is it so rotted and soft. I called Therma Tru, before ordering a new $2400 door, send them pictures and asked about some compensation due to poor quality product.

    The "new" replacement door costs over $2400 without installation costs yet I was told the jams are not covered under any warranty from them. Therefore, they are using low quality products on their frames and not caring how ineffective it is. I am very disturbed that they are not even considering some form of compensation on the new door as I am now very concerned I am throwing away $2400-$3000 on an inferior door that can again rot out within the 8 years this one did. Shame on you Therma Tru! Potential customers need to be aware of the lack of concern on Thermu tru's inferior quality when making your door purchases.

  • bgolfquest43

    I bought my FB benchmark TT door 8 months ago. South Florida recently had rains and the water started leaking in and running along the nine impact glass in the center of the door to the inside of the door and down to the floor. That is a manufacturer defect, not installer. Now mold is growing in the corner of the frame which is separating from the door

  • duncjunk

    I have had a similar experience with ThermaTru. Rotten door jambs, leaking under the threshold, leaking glass in the doors, ruined floors, and a complete unwillingness to stand behind their product! Stay away from ThermaTru!! I know some of your are going to say it was the installer, but if it leaks from the inside and the outside, from underneath and the glass... My flooring guy walked in, took one look at it and said, "That's a bad door! They should step up and fix that." Nope. By the way, our house was built new less than 7 years ago.

  • Susie La

    Wow! That's disturbing.

    My door, 7 years old, rooted horribly in the hands and they refused to do anything. Blamed the contractor, which was completely wrong.

  • millworkman

    Therma Tru is an ok product , not great not terrible. I have no dog in this hunt and don't even sell anything residential and haven't in years so not sticking up for anyone. But most issues with these doors (and all the production tyoe prehung units) come down to 2 main issues. The frames are not sealed correctly, both by the distributor (NOT the door manufactirer as they DO NOT hang the doors) and the contractor who also doesn't A) seal the frame properly, nor B) flash the units properly.

  • Susie La

    The new jam on the Therma Tru doors are now composite so that should eleviate the problems we had. It would have been nice had they stood behind their product and even offered me a partial credit on the new $2500 door in purchased. Not very customer savvy if you ask me. $200 would have been fine. Very short sighted in their side. My contractor installed the door just fine, it was a material issue.

  • millworkman

    Generally what you see in your picture is from water wicking up from the bottom, which to me means water is sittting there and or the wood is not sealed at the bottom. Did you installer build a sill pan? Or how is it installed?

  • debeer49

    You people crack me up. #1 - your first mistake was shopping at Lowe's (big box). #2 your second mistake was having their contractor install it. IT WAS NOT THE MANUFACTURER'S MISTAKE. The jamb material makes absolutely no difference. It was not flashed nor sealed under the sill. For the money, you probably will never find a better door manufacturer. In all the years I sold them, one out of maybe 15 complaints was a manufacturing problem.

  • debeer49

    Clearly, the brick mold on the photo shown was not maintained. People need to understand that exterior wood needs to be taken care of. SMH

  • debeer49

    Duncjunk - That rot is old. Anyone with any wood experience can tell. That door did not create that rot. You're clearly a scammer or your Lowe's contractor is.

  • Kathy Barber

    I ordered a NEW TT door from JS Wilson and after it was installed we have found several problems with the door. Mostly the Three point locking system doesn't work so my front door is not locked. The door is scratched, I ordered pre-stained and the stain is spotty, along with being between the panes of glass, the couping in the glass is visibly defective as are the grates in the transom which were cut too short. The door was ordered Aug 2 and still as of Oct 2 my door is not functional. The only time I hear from REEB is when I contact them so now I am asking for a NEW DOOR which is what I paid for A NEW DOOR. Regardless of where you order your door from the probem seems to be REEB MILLWORK but as I was told by the Dist Sales Manager - " Its not Millwork" Regardless I want the door replaced - It was close to $5K I could have spent elesewhere but everyone told me to purchase a TT door.

  • Carole Waters Hein

    Has anyone had any problems with TT from Gator Lumber (Vero Beach)?

  • millworkman

    What sort of problems Carole?

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC


    Who installed the door, please?

  • cateringbykiki

    I had 5 Therma-Tru doors installed April 2016, consisting of 1 set French doors, 1 steel pass thru door and (3) 9 lite fiberglass doors. This was on seasonal cottage with new roof and siding, winterized in Oct 2016. Upon opening cottage April 2017 every door but the steel one had black staining and water damage on the lowereedges of the door. Originally Therma-tru told my contractor (4 months later) I could replace the doors, ship them back to the factory they would inspect and if they determined it was their problem they would reimburse the cost of the doors. But I would be out the cost of installation 2x, shipping and painting/finishing 2x.

    I reached out to the Therma-Tru directly in Sept 2017, immediately replied to their request for more info - no response. I reached out again 1 week ago and they deny receiving my response and have asked for pictures which I sent. They now are blaming the installer who has installed many of their doors with never an issue. Not sure why the support person felt the need to state the damage isn't that severe. I would not recommend Therma-Tru unless you're looking for a temporary door until you can purchase a quality door.

    Any door that can't last 12 months without staining and splitting is junk and the easiest person for them to blame is the contractor - Shame on Therma-Tru

    Their warranty is a joke - especially when you consider that this is what they advertise:

    The Fiberglass Difference

    Fiberglass doors look like wood, but they don’t warp or rot like wood, or dent or rust like steel. In fact, a fiberglass door needs only a fraction of the maintenance wood and steel doors do. And the inside of a Therma-Tru fiberglass door is filled with an exceptional heat- and cold-resistant material that helps keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

    When you pay close attention to every detail that goes into a door, you can stand behind its parts for longer than the rest. That’s why we back our Therma-Tru fiberglass door system with a lifetime limited warranty, the industry’s most comprehensive warranty of its kind.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    Did your installer put any pan or flashing under the threshold?

  • debeer49

    Nine times out of 10, it's the installers fault. ThermaTru sells thousands upon thousands of doors. Looks to me like the door was installed out of square. Where's the jamb/sill mustache weatherstrip piece that came with the door? And it also doesn't look like it was painted - just primed. Did he use the adjustable sill?

  • debeer49

    In the second photo, it looks to me as though he might not have shimmed properly. That would also explain the lack of a good seal.

  • jmbever52

    Well, I guess I join the rest. Got our new house June 2017. Immediately began looking to replace original doors with something really sturdy. After looking around at various home improvement stores decided to spend the extra money and went with 2 custom ordered Thermo tru exterior doors with sliding half window and screen. We had them professionally installed. Everything was fine until we got cold weather. Now the windows ice up inside and water pools. Took pics and contacted company. They replied to contact the lumber yard we got them from. This company absolutely sucks. We're seniors. There is no money to simply replace them. DON' T buy from these crooks.

  • Stephanie Woods

    I have Therma-Tru french patio doors, which were installed in my modular home, by the modular builder in the factory, which have rotted to the point of wood crumbles falling out onto the floor. Therma-Tru tells me this is due to improper installation and will do nothing. Curiously, you'll notice absolutely NO damage or wear (other than maybe some dust & dog hair) on the jamb and/or weather stripping. These doors are 8 years old, so I wouldn't expect complete replacement of reimbursement but Therma-Tru won't be accountable for any of it. Apologies for the rotation of the image.

  • PRO
    Joseph Corlett, LLC

    Properly installed doors don't rot.

  • Linda Dennison

    wow...think I will be looking at Pella from Pella directly, or a different brand. We are replacing front door and adding side lights to up the first impression for resale value. No time or money to dick around with problems.

  • millworkman

    "No time or money to dick around with problems."

    Then don't go with Pella. I would look at Provia, Homeguard, HMI, or Albany................

  • Angela Moutsatsos

    We had a similiar problem and it turned out that the installer did not put flashing all around the door and water was coming in from the sides. May want to make sure that who ever installs it puts flashing all around the door.

  • mdileo60

    I have problem with front door the frame have big belly in the middle ,they tell me the installation is wrong. I would not raccomand Termatrue door to anyone , as soon as you buy is your problem they don’t stay behind their product ,stay away!!!!!!

  • Caren

    Thank you everyone who took the time to share your impressions of therma tru fiberglass entry doors. You saved me, I think, from much aggravation and money poorly spent. Much appreciated.

  • Johnny Sterlin

    I started the remodeling of my house well over a year ago. I live in Miami. Due to hurricanes, I changed my second story windows to hurricane ones. I also, regrettably bought a Therma Thru front door. It has been 9 months now, and I am still waiting, and fighting to have my front door installed.

    I bought the door from a local retailer. The first door came in with some defects, and missing parts. I waited 2 more months, got a 2nd door finally. It came in with missing moldings, a mahogany frame with a totally different color door seal. To top it off the installer can not install the door hardware as the holes on the door don't match the hardware.



    I am so unhappy. 9 months to finish my house is way too long.

    I am now finding out all the damn issues with this manufacturer. I'm not very patient person. I don't want to loose my temper.

    I am ready to get a full refund. Close to 4k for this damn front door.

    It is 4am, I am awake, pissed off about all these damn issues with this front door.

    I am spooked with all these issues.

    Therma Thru truly scares me....

  • PRO
    GN Builders L.L.C

    Been installing TT doors since I'm in business and never had any issues. There is a reason why TT doors come with lose screw plugs so after each installation installer must check the glass frame to make sure it has a proper seal and the screws around the frame are tightened and put the screw-plugs in after all checks out.

    The door must be installed the right way, and getting box stores to install doors is not the way to go, because one minute they installing carpets, next minute they installing microwaves and next minute they installing your door.

    I removed/repaired and re-installed dozen's of doors installed by incompetent installers.

    They don't prep and flash openings, they just put the door in add a few nails and out the door they go.

    Openings must be prepped and flashed and the door must be installed correctly. There shouldn't be any air gaps around the door and you shouldn't see a daylight. The door must be closed tight against the weather seal on the frame. Corner seals must be installed and they always come separately with every door and must be installed after installation (not many install them).

    Door needs to be painted, caulked and maintained throughout the years. Seals must be adjusted and replaced when needed especially on doors without overhead protection.

    I see posted pictures of rotted brick mold and the door frames... this is all because for lack of maintenance. If you leave things neglected they will deteriorate over time so please don't complain and blame the door manufacturer.

    Shattered glass is not the door manufacturers fault, it could have been damaged during shipment, it could be because of improper installation,etc.

    I have seen installers using sledge hammers to make the door fit into improper size opening which should be bigger and there is room for expansion or contraction during seasonal changes.

    Improper headers,etc will cause the glass to shatter if the load on the header increases, etc.

    You can get a $99 TT doors a $300 doors or $1000 TT doors... When ordering, you have options. You can have Composite brick mold which is a must for any door, you can have Pressure treated or composite door jambs which is a good door feature to prevent rot and there is adjustable threshold which can be raised or lowered as needed and every manufacturer offers that, but people to avoid the extra costs buy basic plain door which is fine if the door is maintained properly.

    There is a simple solution to everyone's door issue, hire professional installers if you cannot DIY not the guys from Craig's list or Box stores or jacks-of all-trades... get guys who actually know how install a door.

    If you have an existing door, give it a little TLC or get someone who knows what they doing to change weather stripping, change door sills, replace brick mold, caulk and paint your doors and they will look like new.

    That said, I don't know why anyone would post this pictures here under this topic, this images belong in a section " Neglected homes and Properties"

    People should be embarrassed to allow your door or anything else for that matter to get this way, I can't imagine what the rest of the house looks like... this didn't happen over night, this is a sign of years and years of neglect, this type of thing you find in the abandoned homes. Fix it, don't blame the door or door manufacturer.

    Frankly speaking, this is on you because you saw the signs, chipping paint, discoloration, etc and you didn't do anything about, you just let it to get this far.

    This door bellow should have been painted long time ago, if you keep waiting it will look like the pictures above. Don't wait when you see something being discolored, take care of it and if you can't DIY, find someone who will find an issue that caused this, fix it and paint it and this door will last you another 40 years.

    Any door manufacturer sells replacement parts. Anything on any door can be replaced and fixed. Doors are exterior products, they get constantly beat up by wind, rain, sun, humidity, etc Doors and windows need to be checked and maintained constantly like anything else located outside.

    Now ask yourself when did the last time you checked your door? Maybe it's time to do something :-) Just saying.

  • millworkman

    While not the best door on the market, every issue you raise has more to do with the person placing the order and possibly the supplier order entry person. None of these issues from what I read are on TT.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    GN Builders L.L.C & millworkman, we would appreciate your input on our situation regarding a new TT door. We have a full light TT door between our house and garage, and have been very happy with it. Now we are replacing an exterior door on the lower level that accesses the patio.

    Did a special order through a lumber yard with a very knowledgeable salesman.

    Just received the new door today.

    Upon removal of the packing materials, the door is unbelievable shoddy! The top left side of the jamb is not fully seated together, the mortise for the top hinge is not the right size, there is caulk smeared all over the composite door sill. They used a light gray caulk to fill a 1/4" gap between each side of the jamb - on a dark brown composite! The pre-finished painted exterior looks like primer! There are huge gaps at the mitered corners of the aluminum brick mould, and numerous chips at the top edge of the fiberglass - visible from 4 feet away!

    Is this a Therma Tru issue or is it the distributor? (Ours is coming from Seal Rite out of Ohio.)

    Thanks for your time!

  • millworkman

    Distributor. 90% of all millwork distributors purchase door slabs and frames separately. The frames and door are then machined specifically for the order to meet the required order specifications. 95% of the machining and assembly is done by machine so that must have been a Monday morning or the machine was having a crap day. Send it back or at the very least get the rep out to inspect BEFORE you install it.

  • PRO
    GN Builders L.L.C

    Seal Right they fabricate and distribute Therm-Tru doors. Send the door back, you shouldn't get the door in that condition. Take pictures of everything you described and get a replacement.

    The thing is the Therm-Tru makes a good door, the companies like Seal Right assemble these doors and that is where the problem is. These companies are usually understaffed and they lack quality control people, not to mention they don't have enough people who work in the assembly shop especially if they have a large work load.

    Where your door is being assembled and how the door is handled during shipping makes a big difference.

    Like I said before don't accept the door in that condition and send it back and they will make sure the next door you get it will be a good door.

  • Mary Elizabeth

    The lumberyard has sent SealRite an email and cc'd us. Will keep you posted.

  • PRO
    Therma-Tru Doors

    @Mary Elizabeth, You are definitely taking the correct measures as this is a new door but we are always willing to help if you get stuck in the process. Please feel free to reach out to our customer care team at ‭1 (800) 843-7628‬ for advice or help.

  • Johnny Sterlin

    I am now waiting for my 3rd Therma Tru door.
    still waiting for the darn to be installed without any issues.
    I'm maybe a week away from finishing all the major renovations of my house, hurricane windows, front door, roof replacement, 3 walls totally replaced, rooms repainted , house repainted and garage refinished. all that done and I can't get my front door replaced to my satisfaction.
    it is tiring, and I am exasperated

  • Mary Elizabeth

    Johnny, what distributor is your door coming from?

  • Johnny Sterlin

    it is called Parksite...

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