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???tablecloth floorlength for 60 in table

February 10, 2007

What is the best way to make a floorlength tablecloth for 60 in round table?? Easiest. It will have a topper, so it could be made with sheets, etc.

I know there is someone out there who has done this, Thanks!

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  • justgotabme

    Do you mean the table is sixty inches wide of the size of the table cloth is sixty inches? If the table is sixty inches wide than how high is it?

  • kathleen_li

    No the table is 60 in round, and I want it to go to the floor. It is a 30 in drop.

  • colleenny

    Here is a website with directions. You have to add the top and the drop on both sides which would make it 120 inches plus hem allowance. Colleen

    Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing Circular Tablecloth

  • justgotabme

    Kathleen, if you don't mind their being seams you can purchase two 1 & 7/8 (63 inches) yard lengths of 60 inch wide fabric. Cut one in half lenghtwise so you have one sixty in by sixty three inch "square" and two thirty inch by sixty three inch pieces of fabric. Pin and sew the narrow lengths to eiither side of the "square" piece of fabric making one large "square" piece of fabric. Press open seams. Fold in half twice to find the center. Mark center with an air or water soluable pen. Reopen fabric and lay flat in an area with nothing in the way. Take two pencils and a length of string to tie them thirty inches, or half the width of the fabric, apart. Make sure one lead is up, one lead down. With the eraser end placed in center (it helps to have a partner here) and the lead stretched to the edge of the fabric. Making sure the fabric is flat draw your circle. Measure width of outline making sure it's 60 or as wide as your fabric allows. If the size is right then cut out your circle. You will most likely have to use hem tape or add a trim to get your full sixty inch cloth. Adding a trim can give your cloth an extra design element too.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Bitterick Pattern

  • kathleen_li

    Thanks so much to both of you for your help! I will give it a shot, as they are very expensive to buy!!
    You are both very kind!
    Kathleen LI, NY

  • kathi_mdgd

    I used a king size sheet to make mine.Then when i put it on the table i added an old quilted bedspread underneath.This gives it great volume,and makes it look so much nicer.On top of all this i put a lace topper,but you could use any kind of co-ordinating topper you wish.I did have to cut off some of the excess bedspread,but only you will know that as it can't be seen.

  • kathleen_li

    I save my old quilted mattress pads to do that on the small round dec tables, you are right it gives it so much body.
    I don't have anything that would work with the 60 in round though,

    I actually saw some on ebay that would work, very reasonable, the shipping is a killer though!
    I am going to experiment with an old king sheet and see how I do!
    Thanks for you help

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