Secret Sources. Finding the best Ingredients

12 years ago

A sideline from the discussion on spice storage, I thought I would share a few of my all-time favorite mail order food "finds". Please add your favorites!

Here are mine:

For SPICES, Seasoned Pioneers. They export to the US. Their spice mixes are "one stop" for marinating and seasoning veggies, fish, meat, etc. and they bother to tell you which seasoning they like paired with which type of food. The mixes come in no-fuss air sealed zip packets and they are color coordinated by cooking region (which makes them easy to pair):

Seasoned Pioneers

For COFFEE, this is our all-time favorite source (whole bean). Although we have our favorites, I can't think of a coffee we didn't like. Seth Appell is as passionate about sourcing coffee as I think it is possible to be, and the end product shows it! He knows his stuff. "For a friend" Coupon code 31221 will save you $5 off your first order.

Old Bisbee Roasters

For CHICKENS we searched high and low for a year before we found this source for poultry. If you expect chicken breasts to be large enough to fill you, this is not for you. The organically fed chickens are small heritage breeds that are raised cage free in a safe and sanitary environment. The meat is very flavorful and the texture is as it should be (and we use every last bit of them!). Fabulous for eating and especially for homemade stocks.

Rainbow Ranch Farms

plllog, would you mind adding your Saffron source to this thread?

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