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Pittsburgh Paint - TERRIBLE!!!

11 years ago

I just finished painting the interior of my house. I used Benjamim Moore on everything except the dining room. BM was amazing. It covered in just one coat, even covering smaples of colors much darker than the color I was painting with. I used PP on my dining room because I found a color I loved and I was afraid if I color matched it it may not have turned out right. PP required 3 coats. THREE!! And, it still doesn't look good. We definitely have the "picture frame" effect going on because I painted the walls and my husband did the cut ins a few hours later. I realize that painting shouldn't be done that way, but I didn't know that at the time, and, we did the exact same thing with the BM paint and there isn't even a hint of the "picture frame" anywhere else. I can also see roller marks on the PP even after 3 coats. I've never used a paint before that I could see the marks from the roller, even when I painted in college and was too poor to use anything other than the cheapest paint Home Depot sells. I'm so dissapointed with PP and will never use it again! The most dissapointing part of it all is that I paid more for the PP paint than I paid for the BM paint!

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