Moldy Patio Cover

Celestine M
6 years ago
Hello fellow houzzers,

My husband is traveling for work this week so "Operation Moldy Make-Over" is about to commence. He works so hard and the last year has been so busy (rewarding, challenging!) for us with the arrival of our twin boys. To say that things have been neglected around the house would be an under statement. Let me get to it.

We inherited this monstrosity (the patio cover) and with the recent weather, it's gotten worse. The mold is growing where it had been poorly patched.

We think most of the wood is reusable - minus the roof - but we will know more as we start taking it apart.

Ideally, I'd like to reroof it. While the roof is off, assess and clean up the structure.

Any thoughts? Ideas to make it attractive? Should I leave it open? Paint ideas!?

I look forward to your thoughts!



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