Bad tile / grout job, thoughts?

6 years ago
Help! Can't believe this happened to me after reading about others but I think my tile guys rushed the job. There are cracks forming in the some of the grout lines. The tile was laid and grouted yesterday morning / afternoon. I told them they shouldn't grout till after 24 hours but they insisted it was ok. Ugh. Now it seems it's not.

Suggestions to fix? Redoing fully is not really an option as the cost of tile will be hard negotiate. Can the grout be removed in the trouble spots and reapplied?

Also some of the grout is white. Used the new Fusion Pro (epoxy grout) from custom building supplies and not sure why it's white in some spots. Is this fixable?

Fortunately over half the area will be covered by cabinets but still this is not the start to my dream kitchen remodel I was hoping.

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