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Paint yourself or hire someone?

April 16, 2015
Bought my first home trying to decide if I should paint myself or hire someone?? Thanks

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  • marilynellis
    Depends on how you value your time. It's a lot more work than it looks on tv shows. Lots of taping and prep work. Entirely up to you and your budget. Some people love house painting. Me, not so much!
  • Shoghere Ourlian
    Change the ceiling fan and the two pendants in the kitchen to modern style. I don't think you need to paint.
  • miacometlady
    I've done all the painting in my house except for foyer which is too tall. I like to paint. Why don't you paint one room? If you really hate it, then hire someone. But the money you save could be put to good use at this point in your life! Actually that's true for any point in your life!
  • hayleydaniels

    Painting is mostly prep work as marilyn mentioned, but if you like DIY type stuff, it's quite fun.

    You need to wash the walls good to get off any dirt and grease and repair any defects in the wall before you paint so it will look good. Tape everything off is time consuming as well, but has to be done.

  • bailey510
    If you have the $ pay a professional. They will do it in half the time and it will probably look much better. Hard to get the crisp clean lines unless you spend a lot of time or have a lot of practice.
  • Felix Pradas-Bergnes

    Consider painting the kitchen cabinets, perhaps only the bottom ones.

  • marinadelrey77

    Have you ever painted before? If not, I suggest trying 1 small room or wall to see how it goes. Painting interiors and painting them well is an art, I always hire someone. Prep is 70% of the battle.

  • miacometlady

    In the 15 years I have painted my house, I have never washed a wall! Smile! When I had professional painters paint my foyer, they did not wash walls. Painting for me is putting a drop cloth on the floor and blue tape along the ceiling. Let's not make this harder than it has to be. And yes, you can do a lot of prep but why? My walls look great until the dogs and kids get at them and then I repaint. I don't have to paint again from lack of prep!

  • miacometlady

    Sorry... I wash walls and woodwork in between painting but only as high as the hand marks! lol

  • Nancy Walton

    It looks like a new construction or recently updated, so my suggestion is to live with it six months before you decide to change the paint color. By then you will know whether you can afford to pay someone, LOL.

  • Amanda
    I painted my entire house myself and my previous house I painted MOSTLY by myself. I like the painting part, the priming I can do without. :)
  • Jean Benelli

    I always paint the interiors my self. Saves tons of money. I always patch, and wash walls before I paint. Buy the best quality you can afford. I painted, kitchen, breakfast room, and family room for about $300. I always buy the best brushes for trim. I am very good and never tape. Practice makes perfect. I agree, start with a small room and see how you like it.

  • Pansy Cra
    You don't have to change your ceiling fan if you don't want to or if changing is not in your present budget...

    Start painting a wall& see how your patience and craft measure up... Then decide ☺️☺️
  • Tina
    I always paint myself. I wash and fix any nicks prior to painting. In the 15 years that we have lived in this house I have repainted many times because I like to make changes to my decor. I am currently in the process of painting my living room, sitting room and kitchen once I find a colour scheme that works with my current couch and kitchen cabinet colour.
  • ninigret

    i painted it all myself expect stairwells til my hands couldnt hold a roller any more. its so freeing to be able to go at it when you want instead of scheduling a painter. and you can also stop after a wall (and let it dry all the way!) if you are iffy on a color. much more flexible than having a painter standing around grumbling.

  • Samuel
    What do you use to patch small holes from screws and nails and what is the process for all that
  • Tina
    You would use drywall putty. Once the putty dries it shrinks so you might have to put another coat of the putty to fill the hole. Any fair size patch will need to be primed first before you paint or you will notice a difference in sheen once it is painted.
  • Maureen

    It may help you to decide once you get some quotes from a few painters, as it can be suprisingly costly. Unless you have a two storey foyer for example, anyone can easily paint a room. You may want to speak to a store's paint consultant and get advice on how to fill holes (there is a pre-mixed putty you stuff into hole and scrape to make smooth and when dried you sand it to even out the surface), show you the correct paint brush and roller, and provide paint finish options, etc. Give youself a weekend per room. If thinking about painting the kitchen cabinets, I wouldn't paint them but have them removed and professionally sprayed and that's where I would spend my money.

  • brdnrd

    There is lots of good information on the internet on how to paint and make repairs. Everyone who says that painting is 90 per cent preparation is correct. Most people skip steps and you can tell in the results. Paint quality is also a big factor in achieving a professional job. Poor quality jobs are easy to spot: repairs remain visible through the final coat of paint, the paint looks bumpy, drips are everywhere, and brush marks are visible. I recently used painters tape in my last job and the difference was amazing... sharp clean paint lines with no drips on the trim. But it took time. Even professional painters are not all alike. If you want a really professional end product, you can achieve this if you take the time and have the patience. Or you can hire a highly recommended painting company. A quality job takes longer than people often realize. However, if a quick job is what you are after, that's ok too. In any event, take the time to take the light switch covers off!!! Congratulations on your new home!

  • Anne

    Yes, congrats on the new home! I've heard that sometimes you have to sand walls, too. Might be something to ask about / research if you go the DIY route. Definitely tape, and I suggest removing light switch covers as well as anything else you can, too, like sconces, towel bars, etc. Whoever painted our rental didn't do that and it looks really sloppy.

  • Lainie D'Eon

    I have been painting for over 40 years in my own home & others. To do a good job you must like to paint or you will be extremely frustrated. I seldom use tape but if you do the taping must be done correctly or the result will be worse than using no tape.

    Imperfections on a wall "cannot be hidden with a coat of paint." Some degree of prep work is involved unless the walls are previously in pristine shape.

    If you have never painted before find a friend who has & ask them to work with you on at least one room. Then you can learn all the tricks need to have a beautiful result.

    If you decide to hire it out ask for references so that you can view their work & not end up with a "surprise".

    Is this a previously owned home or a new home that has been painted with "builder's beige"?

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