issues on ikea kitchen cabinet installation

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

I am very nervous about these two issues for installing ikea cabinets:

1. The subsequent studs in my wall are at 24" intervals, and I ended up getting only 3 studs on suspension rail to hang 3 wall cabinets, 40" high and 78" wide in total. Can they stay on the wall for a long time not collapsing in near future?

2. I found out left side of 15" wide cabinet got slightly warped while granite was put on top of it yesterday. The caulk on the edge already got dry. Can I leave as the side is a little bent, or should I remove the caulk and make it straight up and re-caulk it?

I'm in the middle of kitchen renovation, and my contractor hasn't had any experience with ikea cabinets, which wasn't completely unexpected. It's been a disaster past over five days. I just wanted to cry and wished to go back in time to tell myself to find a real pro for ikea cabinets. I'm really hoping there is someone who can answer to those questions with confidence. Thanks!

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