Brighten my dark kitchen!

7 years ago
I must first say that I am thankful for my Kitchen as it is - we are fortunate to have a newer home with modern utilities and all that fun stuff. I know I am blessed and remain forever thankful. However, everytime I enter my kitchen I feel like Im going into a dark cave! Dark walls, dark granite, dark cabinets, and dark tile - it all leaves me feeling less than cheerful! I have some ideas on how to shed some light - like possibly painting the dark cabinets white with a glaze, brighten up the walls with a light neutral paint color, some under cabinet lighting perhaps and maybe a light large area rug or something for the floors. ?? Any thoughts or suggestions? This home is less than 5 years old so it will take some MAJOR smooth talking to get my husband to agree to let me paint the cabinets...and I really dont think it needs any major reconstruction exept the fact that I would LOVE to have a small island..

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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