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Herringbone Pattern

Virginia Remodelings .com
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We have been getting a lot of requests lately to install
wood grained looking tile in a herringbone pattern. For those of you that are
considering this, please keep in mind that the herringbone pattern is more
traditionally an outdoor paver patio pattern where the ratio of the length to
width of the paver bricks are 2 to 1. If you decide to venture forth and take
this pattern indoors using 6”x36” tiles the look is dramatically different. We
have shown herringbone patterns in a 2 to 1 (4” by 8”) ratio pattern, 4 to 1
(6” x 24”) ratio and a, 6 to 1 (6” x 36”) ratio. What do you think about this
idea now? We had a client that was interesting in doing their tile floor in
herringbone until we showed them the scaled 6 to 1 ratio sketch! What do you

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