landscaping opinion solicited

Orchard Novice, zone 7b
October 10, 2015

I'm looking for a suggestion for a shrub about 6 foot tall that will tolerate about 5 hours of sun a day but be OK if the overshadowing trees to the south-west keep growing and incrementally give more shade over the coming years. (I'd like a semi-permanent solution).

Fruits or flowers preferred but maybe nice dark leaves would be good enough.

I suspect not enough sun for a dwarf fig or a large rose bush? Too much sun for a hydrangea or camellia? I think all "small" magnolias are still too big.

I am looking for a semi-permanent, low chemical alterative. I am not opposed to pruning or other maintenance. I don't mind waiting a few yrs for it to grow.

Am I going to be stuck with a butterfly bush?

All suggestions appreciated.

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