Aeonium in dormancy ...

So I have learnt through the forum that aeonium tend to go dormant in summer. When one says that their heads close -or something to that effect, what does that mean exactly? Anyone have any pics of theirs? Mine is looking like this. I have not watered it since I got it a week ago but it has been rained on.

And these ones, am I wrong in assuming it to is an aeonium and also a winter grower?

Thanks in advance. You guys are awesome :)

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  • rina_Ontario,Canada 5a


    very nice Aeonium. I can't offer any advice, but don't forget to look at this thread:
    -click here to see Laurent's variegated Aeonium-

    to see photos of beautifully variegated Aeonium in progression.


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  • palmbob

    Here is a colony of Aeonium Zwarkop in winter

    and in August
    another few plants curling for summer

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  • Tahneal Melb, Australia (10a)

    Thanks guys. If I didn't see in pictures then I would most definitely have thought my plant was dying! I am looking forward to watching them change through the seasons.

  • Nil13 usda:10a sunset:21 LA,CA (Mount Wash.)

    I have had aeoniums lose almost all of their leaves and just look like sticks in the summer. It can be disconcerting.

  • Tahneal Melb, Australia (10a)

    Mine already look like sticks lol! I was hoping they would fill out .. Guess I'll watch them lose their leaves first and hopefully they branch out for me.

    I'm assuming all the downward facing leaves are about to drop. I love the constant changes in my garden :)

    Am I correct in assuming this one is a zwarkop?

  • cactusmcharris, interior BC Z4/5


    No, 'Zwartkop' ( literally 'black head' in Dutch) is all purple, or so I thought.

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  • palmbob

    Depends upon the lighting… if in shade it can have a lot of red and even green near its center

    plant above in spring in some shade… same plant in summer in full sun below

  • Min3 South S.F. Bay CA

    We have had such a ferociously long hot and bright summer (and still!) that all my aeoniums are just little dry knots on long stems. I don't hold out much hope for cooler summers to come so I am going to move them all into more shady corners where some of the others are still partly open. Min

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