Help! Cambria or Viatera for Quartz countertops?

November 20, 2015


We are building a house and I'm putting in hickory floors and cabinetry. I would like to put in quartz countertops in the kitchen, but can't decide between Cambria and Viatera by LG Hausys. There are colors in each I like so that won't be a deciding factor (Canterbury and Copper Patina). Cost is similar....Anyone have any advice?

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    Cosa Belle Interiors

    Good Evening!

    We use Cambria a lot in our offices!

    We normally start with Cambria for most products. We really enjoy using them because of their warranty, they have a life time warranty as compared to the 15 year warranty of Viatera. We also explain to clients that the bond strength of Cambria is higher than most other quartz products. For example, if you look at the technical data for the two, Cambria has a bond strength of 205, and Viatera has a strength of 165. I will say Viatera does have the same percentage of quartz as Cambria, which is one thing we look for. We also find, that Cambria has whiter quartz than the other brands. So the light colors in a stone will pop more. We also look at the abrasion resistance rating. Viatera gives a range rather than a number, so it is hard to know the exact rating. Cambria is rated quite high at 223.

    Lastly, simply from an aesthetic perspective, we find Cambria to have the most sparkle on a horizontal surface. Due to their whiter quartz base, Cambria has a glittering effect that really shows on a countertop. If you can, I recommend look at a large piece 12" x 12" horizontal or a full slab if possible.

    Overall, if for nothing else, I would recommend Cambria because of the warranty.

    Let us know what you decide.

    Cosa Belle Interiors

  • Andrea

    Thank you so much for the advice. I believe I will be going with the Cambria :)

  • papillon2

    I have Cambria Canterbury with my Hickory cabinets, and I just love it!! It blends beautifully with the wood, and is the easiest thing I've ever had to maintain. And Costa Bella is right--not all quartz is created equal. Cambria is American made--a plus IMHO.

    Andrea thanked papillon2
  • Andrea

    Yay papillon2! I'm so glad to hear it looks good with hickory since that is what I am using. What did you do for a backsplash?

  • papillon2

    Our backsplash is a 6 x 6 beige tile with a matte finish, placed on the diagonal. It works well.

  • Andrea

    Perfect...I'll see if I can find something that will work!

  • qam999

    According to Consumer Reports, all the brands of engineered stone perform similarly.

  • Connie Stackhouse

    I considered Cambria Bradshaw and Viateta Symphony for my bathroom countertops. Both look very similar. A contractor friend recommended the Cambria because of warranty and quality issues, so we went with the Cambria. We are very pleased!

  • eageree

    we went with Cambria because it is made in USA. Cost more but we were willing to pay it to have an American made product.

  • Heidi R

    Viatera is made in Atlanta.

  • Denise B

    I just read some complaints about Viatera... some people are seeing a milky look and streaks on the surface. These complaints started back in 2014 and 2015. Does any one know if the quality has improved or has anyone experienced this more recently? Thank you, Denise

  • blublublubly
    Any update on the quartz complaints?
  • Melanie Edwards

    I'm looking for more recent information about Viatera quartz countertops. Has the quality and customer service improved, or is this still a product to be avoided? We're in the planning stages of a kitchen renovation and would appreciate any input regarding quartz brands.

  • Chessie

    I have had my Viatera counters in now for nearly 2 years. They look brand new. Zero issues. I love them.

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