Premium appliances? What does this mean

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

Complete new kitchen 17x15 in a $1.3 mm house in DC metro. Nova. I am trying to decide on grade of appliances.

Original thought 36in gas range hood, 27in microwave/oven wall units, 36 in fridge, under counter beverage fridge, under counter ice maker, dishwasher.( large farm sink, bar sink) all stainless minus sinks

Question Haven't picked contractor yet but 1/2 are recommending all pro grade appliances like a Built in counter depth fridge, Bigger 30" oven,etc. I'm not exactly sure what pro grade is

Is is this a good idea or not? The kitchen is already at $75k ish without these upgrades. which isn't cheap. What would you pay for appliances. Do they have to be high end names??

thermador is offering free dishwasher w stove Is this even a deal?

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