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Anybody used Costco vinyl planks?

March 24, 2016
last modified: March 24, 2016

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  • nosoccermom


    Did you do some kind of scratch test? Thinking about installing them in a rental, and I need durable :)

  • Sarah Fink

    Considering putting this in our basement (new apartment rental). Any further thoughts about this product?

  • nosoccermom

    Bump. Any feedback on how it's been holding up?

  • neetsiepie

    We just installed the Golden Arrowana in our bathroom reno. It looks great-actually looks close to the HW floor adjacent. I think it'll hold up to scratches pretty well-not gouges, but light scratches, as from dogs nails or a piece of furniture slid across.

    We put vinyl planks from Home Depot down in our family room-primarily because we have dogs and they come in from the outside into that room. Its been down over 2 years and still holds up great. I just use my dust mop every day and a steam mop (not the active steam spray) to mop once a week.

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  • nosoccermom

    It's still too early, but how do you think the Costco Arrowana compares to the HD planks? Do you remember which HD product you got? Also, is it the Costco Walnut or the Antique Java?

  • Michael Dyer

    Another site says the Golden Arowana Walnut has high VOC levels, scratches, and is made in China.

    I was considering purchasing this product until now, now I'm simply confused

  • nihcas001

    I have these 40 boxes sitting in the garage, waiting for installation next week. Now it makes me super anxious about this product if this has high VOCs. Could anyone please share more specific details.

    From, look and feel these are great.. I have Royal Acacia style and was very happy with my choice until I read this ::-( Don't know what to do now

  • My3dogs ME zone 5A

    This may be the article that Michael referred to above - read the customer comments - http://www.costcoweekender.com/2015/07/golden-arowana-reclaimed-walnut-luxury-vinyl-plank-costco-917931.html

  • Bunny

    We recently remodeled a couple of rooms at my church. We considered the Costco planks but they got terrible reviews concerning scratching. We checked them out in our local Costco and they looked bad. I'm sure they get carted around from store to store, but wouldn't you think they'd get rid of the beat-up samples? We went with a different brand.

  • nosoccermom

    Well, I tried to scratch the display Costoc vinyl planks (Acacia) with my car key. Took a fair amount of effort.

  • nihcas001

    Indeed the Golden Arowana Royal Acacia vinyl planks require quite a bit of effort to scratch. I wasn't able to scratch it with car key, but it did go deep compared to laminates when I used a sharp knife.

  • nihcas001

    Also I emailed Golden Arowana to know more about the emissions from their vinyl planks. Here is the response -

    CARB (California Air Resource Board) phase 2 was designed for formaldehyde emissions coming from wood products, there is no formaldehyde in our vinyl flooring. Our vinyl flooring is “FloorScore certified” meaning the product has been tested for any harmful VOC’s in the product, and our products exceeds all air quality standards set forth with any state, federal, or national standard when it comes to any VOC. If you have a hypersensitivity to many things we cannot guaranty there won’t be any reactions as the reaction may not be coming from the flooring but something else in the room, I recommend speaking with your doctor about vinyl flooring products as they are one of the least contributors to allergies. I can also assure you that we have never heard of any adverse reactions to any of our vinyl flooring. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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  • nosoccermom

    Definitely true that there are no formaldehydes in vinyl. It's in pressed wood, particle board, etc .

    There may be phthalates (stuff that used to be in baby bottles), but the harder the vinyl, the less there's in it.

  • rachellandherr

    Does anyone have the Golden Arowana reclaimed walnut planks available for sale?

  • yenohamer

    I have some left over from a large job .. how many boxes do you need ?

  • stew1318

    i need 3 boxes yenohamer to finish my project if you have them..

  • texlalady

    Installed about 800 sq. ft. of the WALNUT color and we LOVE it. I would have preferred a lighter color...but it was deeply discounted at our Costco's grand opening....would buy it again. I installed easily and TIGHT!

  • nihcas001

    I want to share my experience after installation of these pathetic Golden Arowana vinyl tiles from Costco. Within 2 weeks of installation, these unevenly peaked and buckled all over. And chipping on the seams...my goodness...such pathetic quality...looped in Costco which in contacted Wellmade Golden Arowana and their answer after Getting it inspected by a cheat flooring inspector (poorest reviews of yelp for this inspector) is that you do not have central heating installed so it’s bound to expand unevenly. Comeone we are in Southern California where we have 60-70 all through winters. They denied any claims. I am ripped!

  • cynthiahoppe
    Looking for reclaimed maple Arawana flooring from Costco. They don’t sell anymore
  • geminicpa

    Yenohamer do you still have boxes of the reclaimed walnut to sell?

  • HU-108958678

    Has anyone used the T Molding for the doorway transition? I ordered the timberland flooring online but I can't find any pictures that show what the pattern on the T molding looks like. Could someone post a pic?

  • HU-863156056


    ANYONE HAVE ANY TO SELL? Evidently SOLD out locally. Pay small fortune to have a 35# box shipped. Please let me know asap

    THANK YOU!!!

  • HU-253238894

    I'm really interested in what I guess is a newer version of this flooring I just saw in my local Costco store. It comes in Sandalwood and Cappuccino colors and the package advertises 6mm thinkness, a 20 mil wear layer and FloorScore certification. The Costco link isn't working, but found this on ebay.


    Costco price is 29.99 per box, which works out to 1.79 per square foot. The color is really nice and it seems very similar to other planks we've been looking at for our basement.

  • HU-935238427


    just unloaded 55 boxes last night. looks and feels good. first big negative, though, is that I went to their website to buy transitions for doorways, and they are sold out in the color I purchased! supposed to have them back in stock shortly....I hope so.

    Going to call them later this morning.

  • HU-253238894

    HU-253238894 ,

    I'm really interested to hear your experience with this product . Which color are you using? Looks like Costco online just restocked their supply, and I just received a similar response from Wellmade on the availability of quarter-round in the Sandalwood color.

  • closet_shopper

    I'm interested to hear about this product as well. Looking to install about 1100 sq. ft. and I would like to see more reviews before purchasing.

  • Julia Timmer

    Same here. Like the look, texture and price but seems too good to be true. Looking for more reviews in Cappucino

  • Laura Vlad

    We just bought some of the Cappuccino color. It suppose to be easy to instal but most of the boards don't click. Please don't buy. It's a defective product.

  • HU-253238894

    Laura, could you describe the problem in any more detail, and tell us on what kind of subfloor you're installing?

  • kylestenlake

    i bought a couple boxes of the cappuccino color because the sample at Costco wasn’t large enough to really see the pattern and I wanted a larger sample to look at before a huge purchase.The flooring itself is really nice, I’ve installed other vinyl flooring at this stuff goes together easily. I won’t be using this product only due to the fact that I didn’t like the light and dark zebra stripe look to it, I am looking for something lighter with not as much dark areas. Other than that it was very nice and quality.

  • Jon Pink

    I just bought one box to test installing at home. I like the look and it seems well constructed but I absolutely agree with Laura. The boards don't click well on the long edge but trying to get the short edge together is ridiculous as it doesn't fit well at all. I will be returning ASAP. It's too bad as the quality seems good and the price is great but the locking system stinks.

  • kylestenlake

    Try using a rubber mallet, I got all the planks to click together fine

  • HU-935238427

    they do need to be tapped together....that is normal. If they just fell into place, the would just fall out of place.

  • DaS RoT

    Does anyone know where to get T-Molding that matches the Cappuchino color? They are sold out on the Golden Arowana website and shipping is more than the actual molding.

  • Claire Cronin Hanson

    once I figured out how to get the planks together it was so simple to do . The instruction should be so much better than it is . i was so close to returning it but so glad I kept with it . Place the plank into the one above At an angle matching the end right at the seem lower and use a rubber mallet give it a few good taps , you can feel it and hear it snap in and Lock .

  • Melissa Jackson

    does anyone have any installed room pictures with the Costco planks in Sandalwood - I need to see it first PLEASE!!!

  • HU-633604160

    did anyone use a moisture barrier ?

  • tandiwe76

    Ditto on Melissa Jackson's comment:

    does anyone have any installed room pictures with the Costco planks in Sandalwood - I need to see it first PLEASE!!!

  • Stan R

    Here is a photo from someone who just recently installed the Sandalwood planks in their bathroom. Hope this helps.

  • tandiwe76

    Hi Stanley - not seeing a photo? I wonder if it didn't post?

  • Stan R

    Look again. It should be there.

  • tandiwe76

    Ok great, I do see them now. Thank you so much for posting photos!!!!

  • HU-53738283

    I just bought some and found it difficult to get the long ends to get together. It seems they fell apart. After giving a tap with a rubber hammer. Seems the connections are firm. I pulled these apart and it looks like while doing so I bent the connection (lifted up the long side). I'm on the fence, I don't want to take 40 boxes back, but... I want a good result.

    I have previously installed pergo and the ends/sides actually "clicked". So this is a bit different. Hope to follow up with results.

  • tandiwe76

    HU-53738283 - thanks for your update. I went to buy some during the sale last week, and it was completely sold out online, so I wasn't able to get any. I would like to hear your updates in case they have it available again. I have heard a similar complaint (short ends not attaching well) from other brands of LVT, specifically the lines at Floor and Decor. If anyone else has insight, experience, please post.

  • Stan R

    My Costco was out also, but I was able to get a "Rain Check" which is good for 60 days. The rain check will also be extended if they don't get them in within that time frame. FYI, if you buy online, shipping is NOT included.

    I have installed Shaw's Casa and Bella LVT waterproof flooring in a rental unit. I was able to get it for less than $3/sq ft free delivery and no tax. Local flooring stores wanted twice this price. When installing any of these LVT's, it is important to use a scrap piece (about 12 inch length) and pull bar, rubber hammer to make sure that there are NO hairline openings length-wise or end-wise. You can hear the final locking click when it's done correctly. A lot of DYI's AND professional installers try to go too fast and end up with the LVT plank seams opening up because they didn't do this with each plank. Here are a few photos of what I installed. It took me a bit longer because I didn't want to have any transition threshold pieces between rooms and had to make precise measurements, but the end result was very satisfying.

    The Costco Sandalwood is similar to the Shaw color and costs about $1.79/sq ft (Costco's sale price). The wear level is the same as the Shaw product. I want to give the Costco Sandalwood flooring a try in another rental because I'm tired of paying to replace carpeting.

  • Katie Burnette

    Has anyone found a good color match locally for transition molding in sandalwood? I would prefer not to pay the insane shipping cost to get it from the manufacturer.

  • Stan R


    You might want to visit Lowe's or Home Depot and take a small piece of the Sandalwood with you. They both have a large selection of colors to choose from for transition strips. I believe one of them will be very close in color but most likely won't be an exact factory Sandalwood match.

  • Matthew Tiemann

    My father in law and I installed this floor in our new place. We used 28 boxes. I forget how many sq ft it came out to. At first was very happy! It went together nicely. I have done three lamanite floors in the past 8 years or so, and this was cake! You can cut them all basically while sitting in the floor with your razor knife. We loved that it wasn’t up and down all day like with lamanite to go to the saw and cut and then back inside to lay the piece. However... now it’s been 5 months and the floor is my new enemy! I HATE it! It seems that every dang day I find a new place where it’s come apart at a seam leaving a 1mm gap. At first it was only one or two places, but now that old man winter is here, it’s pulled apart in like 40 places. Makes me want to barf and scream, and cry. All that work for nothing. I want to tear it out and flip them the bird, even if Costco or Arowana won’t replace it, I just hate it that much. I don’t want to stare at this s#!tty floor for the next who knows how many years. Ugh. DONT BUY THIS FLOOR! We do have central air and central heat. Very frustrating.

  • Stan R


    Which Arowana flooring did you buy? There was one type that they had at Costco for some time that was 4mm thick with a 12 mil wear layer and came 19.69 sq ft/box. Our Store had the Reclaimed Walnut color and it felt rather flimsy, like roofing shingles. I didn't like the color and didn't think it was very good, but that's just my opinion.

    The most recent Arowana flooring at our Costco had the Sandalwood and Cappuccino colors which have a 6mm thickness and 20mil wear layer and came 16.81 sq ft/box. They felt more rigid, not flimsy. I wanted to try it out, but it was sold out in the Sandalwood color.

    There aren't enough reviews for this flooring and it looks like the Arowana flooring line has been removed from Costco's site.

  • nosoccermom

    It would be helpful if people identified exactly what kind of Costco product they installed.

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