OT question about contract allowances

5 years ago

I lurk here all the time, and have posted a couple questions about my kitchen, but I am in need of some general contracting advice, and this is the busiest forum so here goes:

My contractor has just sent me the invoice for final overages, and the cost for doors went $4000 over the allowance. The allowance in the contract was $5900, to include $3335 of specialty doors that I provided him the cost of while we were figuring out allowances in the beginning stages. So upon receiving an allowance of $5900, I assumed that we would be able to provide the other 12 interior doors, 4 exterior doors, and 3 french doors for the remaining balance. Turns out the answer to that was a big fat NO.

Given that this is an "allowance," am I stuck? Or does his bid need to get us all the doors the floor plan requires? I went with a slightly upgraded interior door throughout, and am happy to pay the difference between that door and a cheap hollow core door. But a bid for doors has to get me at least the cheapest base model in all the doorways right? Or am I screwed?

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