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July 27, 2016

We will be building a beach house within the next year and I have been seriously considering using Flooret's new 7' wide plank Modin Cork Backed flooring. I have samples of both the original Modin (no cork backing) and the newer cork backed Modin. Both look amazing.

We are considering these products primarily because we know sand will be coming into the house --no matter how hard you try to keep it out, it comes in, so we'd like a tough flooring product that looks like wood.


1) Has anyone had any experience with Flooret's new cork backed product?

2) With regard to install, I have heard that the seams should go in the same direction that the sunlight enters the room. True???

3) We live in the Northwest, the main windows will face north/north east, facing the water--will sun damage be a concern (fading or heat build up problems, for example).

4) We are considering doing the entire main floor in this product. It is a fairly open plan with few doorways and "pinch points". Is that a concern with a click type installation that is essentially a floating installation?

5) Can kitchen appliances and cabinets be put on the flooring, or should the flooring come up to them but not under them?

Thank you for any comments, suggestions and the like!

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  • PRO
    Cancork Floor Inc.

    Direct sunlight is always an issue with vinyl. Not all vinyls fade (assume it will and then be happy when it does not). The problem is the HEAT build up in direct sunlight. Most indoor flooring products have heat/temperature limits of 28 C (85 F). This is normal. The problem with vinyl is it has very little wiggle room for temps.

    Once vinyl gets too warm it WARPS (if you are old enough, you will remember the fun of melting parents' records in the sun on a hot day). This warping can be subtle but it will occur. It could take an entire summer (or possibly 2 summers) before the warping really starts to take shape...but it will happen.

    The solution: UV blocking window coverings/foil. Get rid of the UV and you get rid of the heat. For $200 - $500 per window, you can have your vinyl in direct sunlight and enjoy the view at the same time.

    I like to see transition strips through doorways with floating floor. Vinyl moves a snick more than anyone ever thought possible. Be prepared for t-molding through doorways. A glue down install will add $$$ but it will remove the requirement for t-moldings. And most cork backed vinyl planks do NOT like to be glued down....just to put a kink in your plans.

    And remember: vinyl needs/wants FLAT!!!!!!!! It cannot be "too flat" for vinyl. Be prepared to spend more money than you would think necessary to prepare the subfloor. Vinyl wants flat. It gets upset and MOVES if flat is not achieved. It gets upset and warps in direct HEAT/sunlight coming through low-UV windows.

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  • lnakaguma
    We installed the original modin floors in our home in Hawaii. I could not be happier, and I spent a lot of time evaluating a lot of different options.

    while I'm not a contractor, so I can't speak to ease of installation, I can say that we get the pools of sunlight on the floor through our large sliding back doors, and we've had no issues. no warping, no bubbling, nothing. I've also dropped a couple canned goods on them... cans were a bit bent up, but the floors itself don't have any evidence of it happening. we also have the floor running under our refrigerator and dishwasher because those appliances slide in feather than go in the cabinets. I'm so happy with them.
  • beachgal5

    Thank you for your is very helpful. I have spoken with Devin at Flooret about running the LVP under our appliances (refrigerator, dishwasher, oven/stove) and the one thing he told me was to seal/caulk the seam or gap between the toe kick and the appliance because if water got under the appliance it would have no where to go and mold could end up being a problem.

    Also, how long have you had your floors?

  • lnakaguma

    The real floors were installed about 3 weeks ago. But previous to that, I had a bunch of samples that I clicked together as if it was installed...I tested them (and a bunch of others), by dropping canned goods on them, running car keys along them, having a pool of water sitting on them in the sun, etc. My tests extended over a period of a couple months (and I liked the floors so much that I just left them down on the ground even after I was done beating them up, so in reality the sun beat down on them for about 6 months). the samples look just as good as the day they arrived on my doorstep.

    My contractor also mentioned it was the best quality flooring he's seen in the LVP's.

  • beachgal5

    Wow! Thank you for letting me know. Those were quite some tests!

  • lnakaguma

    no problem! I'm grateful to Flooret for having come up with a product that can really withstand the humidity and salt air we have in Hawaii and just wear well so I don't have to be so worried about doing something that would damage the floor.

  • beachgal5

    I have a couple of questions, if you don't mind taking the time to answer them...

    1) Did you get the 5' Modin or the 7' Modin style?

    2) If you got the 5' Modin, did you put a cork underlayment down?

    3) Did your contractor glue any of the planks down?

    Thanks again!

  • lnakaguma
    we got the 5" modin because it had the exact color we liked. both lines have similar colors, but there are slight variations, so make sure you get samples of both.

    we did not put in a cork backing, but some things to note - we have a single story house, nothing beneath us where someone would hear us walking around. I'd been told by others who installed other lvp's that they didn't notice a difference between areas they installed a backing and areas they didn't for their floor (to save money, one of my friends installed the backing on the second floor but not the first). She also only got the cheaper vinyl flooring that was really bendable.

    our contactor did glue the flooring down in the wet areas (laundry, kitchen). even though we could've put it in the bathrooms, we chose ceramic tile. when we ordered it, I recall Devin saying that with enough notice, we could also get it without the click mechanism in the planks, if you wanted to do a glue down throughout. my contactor was going to charge more for that type of installation since he said we'd have to buy the glue.
  • beachgal5

    Thank you again! Your answers are very helpful for our planning!

  • misskim51

    Hi beachgal5, hope you get this question. We have some samples, and my husband is not crazy about the size/depth of the bevel where they click together. Have you had any issues with sand/dirt collecting in the bevels? Thanks!

  • beachgal5

    misskim51, I am sorry that I can't answer your question, as we won't be installing the flooring until sometime this summer. There are a couple of other threads that talk extensively about Modin flooring, and I know that there is at least 1 person who is completing or has completed a build on a beach. I will look around for a link to that thread and if I find it I will post it here.

  • beachgal5


    Here is the link: 

    Pensacola Pl might be able to answer your question.

  • beachgal5

    misskim51, We have moved into our home and have no issues with the depth of the bevel collecting sand....yes, some ends up in the bevel, but getting it out is no more difficult than normal cleaning. I send my Roomba out! Or I sweep the floor. Basically, just normal housekeeping. And we love our floor....people are shocked when I tell them it is vinyl plank.

  • sierra400

    Beachgal, that’s great to hear the bevel is easy to clean! That was one of my main concerns with the flooring. Which one did you end up going with? Any photos to share? There’s a group of us on another modin Flooret forum that have been collecting install photos to share, we are all trying to decide on what colors look best in our spaces! :)

  • beachgal5

    We have Sutton. I posted photos on another thread. If I can locate the thread I will comment again and include the link.

  • beachgal5

    This is the link--scroll down to August 1, 2018 for the photos I posted--

  • beachgal5

    PS, you will probably have to click on the "see more comments" at the top of the page in order to see older posts (like Aug. 1, 2018).

  • sierra400

    Thanks beachgal! Wow your floors look beautiful!

  • Esther Lorenzo

    Does flooret make a stone look tile (doesn't look like it from web site but can't help but ask) or is there any stone look vinyl floor tile you know of that matches this quality? 40mil West layer and green certification etc?

  • beachgal5

    Floret does not make a stone look tile. I did look for "stone look" vinyl about a year ago...everything that I saw looked awful and on top of that, did not have a wear layer even close to that of Flooret. That said, you could contact Devin or Lexi at Flooret and ask if they have any plans for a stone look vinyl product in the near future.

  • Jinan Lee

    lnakaguma Thank you so much for your review. What color did you choose? is 5" the latest model? I only found one type on flooret right now

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