Tiny bathroom, where to put the washing machine?

Robert Walther
4 years ago

Dear community,

we just bought a flat in Hamburg, Germany (built 1984) and want to renovate the bathroom, as nothing was done since construction.

measurements in cm

GIS = Geberit GIS system

raumhoch = full room-height

*) Shower panel

**) water boiler

***) towel wall heater

The bathroom has no window. Above you find the floor plan of the future plan, but something very important is missing: the washing machine (H85xW60xD59cm), which can't find a better place than in the bathroom.

The bathroom will be completely demolished only the two front-walls remaining, upper left (riser) and lower left remain.

Do you have an idea for the location of the washing machine or alternatively another floor layout?

Thanks, Robert

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