Liquid Amber Tree Roots Invading Driveway

Jason Bielski
3 years ago

My elderly neighbors have lived in their house since the 50s. They have a huge liquid amber tree in their yard about 50' tall and about 8-10 feet from my fence. We purchased this house last year and are getting ready to redo the driveway with pavers because the roots and age (our driveway is original to the 50s as well) have lifted and cracked parts of the driveway. I've consulted 2 arborists who say similar but conflicting things. One says to cut 3 feet worth of roots a long out 40' fence and install a 1/8" thick root barrier. He says that should offer about 10 years of protection from new invasion. The other arborist is concerned the cutting so many of the roots risks damaging the stability of the humongous tree and it could possibly fall and damage mine or my neighbors' homes. He suggested that I just bank the money and use it if I ever need to fix the pavers down the road. My paving contractor has suggested installing a 12" concrete bond beam along the edge of the wall as a smaller measure of prevention. Will the root barrier really help, or is it a short term band aid? Most importantly I don't want to harm the tree.

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