5 Star Range Review

Mike Wash
January 10, 2017
last modified: January 10, 2017
Just completed a kitchen and bath renovation in September and came to this site frequently to help us decide what range we should purchase based on user reviews and discussions. I spent nearly 6 weeks researching various prosumer/commercial styled range manufacturers including Bertazzoni, DCS, Thermadore, etc. We were looking for something without electronics, no brain, no touch pad, just gas and knobs in a 36 inch range configuration. Didnt realize that for 36 inch ranges in this style, we'd be shelling out some real cash for what we wanted, but we wanted something that would last for years without some type of electronic failure that could render a $5-6K appliance useless.

The lengthy and spirited discussion on the boards was an eye opener to say the least. We were leaning towards a Berta originally because they looked really great at the Fergason showroom, but after one particular thread we decided based on some of the anecdotal information about performance and customer service, we ran away as quickly as possible from the Berta. I went to every retailer in the immediate Central Texas area to touch and feel the quality of the ranges and was impressed with Thermadore and DCS, but again, the customer service seemed to be hit or miss with satisfaction. I then tried to find information on 5 Star Ranges, but could find only a handful of reviews on the manufacturer, and zero here on the Houzz site. I continued my search, and only one distributer in our area could even order the range we were interested in, and they were an hour outside of town. I drove the the distributer, should have called first since they dont have a showroom at all, and I couldn't actually get my hands on one to get a feel for quality because they didnt have any on site.

So after some discussion, we decided to take a gamble and order the 5 Star 36-inch range in stainless steel with white oven sight unseen. We were very hesitant to do so for such a big ticket item, but we were persuaded by the fact they are made in America, in Tennessee, and I spoke directly to customer service prior to our purchase to get a feel of them and how helpful they could be in the future if we ran into any issues. The lady on the other end had a thick souther accent, so I knew it was a gamble we could take. Not because of the accent, but because they answered the phone and actually work at the manufacturing facility.

It was a special order since the ss/white combo wasnt usually kept in stock, so they had to build our range specifically for us. It was delivered on time, and fit into the cut out like a glove.

After 3 months of heavy use including Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners - we cook every night on the range as well, we have been extremely pleased our has gamble paid off. It is solid, no frills - not even a temperature gauge or timer. We bought a commercial oven thermometer and timer from the local restaurant supply store. Nothing to go on the fritz. We did have to upgrade our gas line to be able to feed the beast, and boy does it pump out some flame. The cast iron continuous grates are heavy and solid, and the sealed burners give an even flame. The high gas setting boils water quickly and the simmer does well, but since the burners are all the same 21,000 BTU rating, we do have to cut off the heat from time to time even though they say it can do 350 BTU on low. I spoke again to customer service and they walked me through how to adjust the gas settings internally. I havent done that quite yet, but am planning on doing so.

So, apologies for the lengthy review, but really hope it can help someone out who might be in the same predicament as we were a few months ago, and hope this little bit of practical information is helpful in deciding which range to purchase, since obviously, such an expensive purchase needs to last a long time, and do the work it requires.

We are very happy with our purchase.

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  • skmom
    Nice looking range you've got! Glad to read the review, I'll remember it when taking with others about the ranges. Don't feel bad about not having the self cleaning oven... I've had more than one self cleaning oven have its glass front explode during a self cleaning cycle and have decided to never use that feature ever again on ANY oven. It's not worth it. I'm not a shoddy housekeeper, but I'd still find broken glass years later after an explosion like that. I'm just glad that each time it happened (with different brands too) that nobody was ever in the room or got hurt! (I have a new 60" range in a different brand... I'm very well pleased with it so far too, but no way on God's green earth am I going to engage the self cleaning cycle on either oven! I kind of wish it wasn't even an option...)
    Mike Wash thanked skmom
  • janh12345678

    we have just installed our 48" five star range only to find out that the max clearance for the range hood is 30" above the stove. if i lean forward to wipe the back of the range i smack my face on the hood. husband is over 6 feet - he can't cook on the grill at all. very dissappointed to have a hood so low. didn't even think about this at all in the design phase.

    contractor won't move it - he says it's to spec.

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  • Mimi Beardsley

    We just moved into a home that has a Five Star 48 inch cooktop. It is 22 years old and still looks/cooks like it is brand new. I recently called their customer service to see if I could update the grates so they are continuous. To my surprise they had the grates! Great customer service!

  • janh12345678

    We installed a 48" double oven dual fuel five star range. our contractor didn't know about them and gave us a bit of a hard time finding one for us, since the Ferguson people don't stock this line, but we are thrilled with our choice. 3 months of using the range and the ovens every day, grilling on the top and making chinese food with high flame - it is absolutely a dream. what used to set off all the fire alarms in the house is a complete non issue with the five star.

    one thing we were surprised to find after the range hood was installed is that the specs have the hood fairly close to the range, so there isn't a great amount of head room. this disrupted our cabinet design plans, but as long as you know ahead of time, it could have been avoided.

    also to note, there are five star labels stuck to it in a few places we have been afraid to try and remove in case we damage the stainless finish.

  • PRO
    Even construction Inc.

    We have a five star 48" dual oven and a 48" range hood. Spent $8k on both twelve years ago. Buy look out, the electronic ignition was faulty from the start. 12 years later we still have continued clicking going all the time cook top is being used. We called five star many times and they tried to tell us over phone how to adjust the little tubes inside center of each burner. It never worked and the next year they changed it completely. And now look for grease filters for range hood, no one says they are available. Did fin d one co. that wanted $710 for set of four. Oh my, stay away from five star. Ovens do not cook evenly etc. I could go on for days.

  • Rosella Treviño

    Hi Mike Wash, I love the way you got the range top installed since im having a hard time deciding to get the 5 start or not just because I don't want the backsplash that comes with it... I just realized yours hasn't, did you get to remove it yourself? did you make a special order?

    Many thanks!!!

  • Linda Scrivoner Golden

    That is the way they are unless you order a backsplash for it. The back stands about 2 to 3 inches high.

  • R. Boquist

    Can anyone comment on how quickly the 36" Five Star gas range takes to get the oven to temperature of, say, 350? I see the BTU for the oven is 18k, which seems skimpy compared to the Big Chill 36", which has a BTU of 30k (I believe Blue Star makes it for BC?). Thanks!

  • diaNe ThomAs
    I'm considering a Five Star 36" range for a ranch in central Texas. Does anyone have updates on their satisfaction with this brand? Thanks!
  • ghutchionmarcus

    I too would like to hear any updates on the Five Star range. I'm planning on getting a 48". Also, can anyone with this range comment on it's simmering features and low temperature for making sauces, please?

  • Judi Knight

    My two year old 30” Five Star Range is beautiful - but a real lemon. For 5K I now have only 3 working burners and an oven without a broiler.

    The simmer burner wiring is bad and won’t ignite just clicks ( it’s not the ignighter) and the broiler quit working over 6 months ago. And now Guy Gunter Appliances in Atlanta tells me it’s out of Warrantey.

    I had a Fridgidaire Pro for 18 years which still worked. That’ll teach me to choose a range because I liked how it looked and wanted the pretty blue knobs:-(

    I guess I’ll have to call that nice Southern woman at the Five Star factory that the reviewer above mentioned.

  • Mimi Beardsley

    Is this the picture of your range? If so, it's a Blue Star...not Five Star.

  • Judi Knight
    Your’re right. It is a Blue Star. But then don’t buy a Blue Star from Guy Gunter. And I guess I can’t take my troubles to the nice lady in Tennessee.
  • chinest57

    With our recent home purchase I have inherited a five star 60" beast and love it! Electric and gas ovens have cooked evenly and heated up quickly. Love the gas broiler drawer! I am getting used to the griddle. It takes longer to heat up but once the cast iron is hot, it has been a wonderful addition to my indoor cooking. The range appears to be original with the house, so it is approximately 10 years old. I would replace it with another in a heart beat. I am a former Viking fan, but no longer would it be my first choice.

  • Ellen Pierno

    Any updated reviews would be welcome...we are seriously considering a five star because we want something that connects fire with food that is dependable

  • Jemma Ponce

    Thanks for uploading your range, it is so hard to find these ranges in pictures . Could you tell me if your range is glossy or matte in the white?

  • Tim W

    Hi, I have a Bluestar 48" and a Vent-A-Hood full chimney hood. I am 6'6" tall and my hood is about 28" above the blue star and I have no problems using it.

  • breuring

    We bought a house which came with a 36" Five Star dual-fuel oven. Four burners and a griddle. As we are updating our kitchen with quartz counter tops, we are considering replacing our stove with a Thermador or Wolf stove. But, after some research, realized that customer service for these brands is sub-par and the quality is not quite up to standard. So, after reading Mike Wash's review ( he seems to have the exact same style stove), I have decided to keep it and save myself about $8-$10K.

    My only complaints about our Five Star is that the ignitors keep clicking. That problem comes & goes. Also, at times the burners spit out orange flames instead of the light blue, which tells me that it's a gas output issue.

    All that said, I will look into giving this range some maintenance, maybe make some adjustments like Mike Wash mentioned.

    Below is a picture of our 36" dual-fuel Five Star.


  • jenniferbauman

    I have had a 5 star cooktop since 1993, 4 burners, and griddle. It has withstood the test of time. The griddle took a while to season, but once done, it is great for pancakes, grilled cheese, etc. I wouldn't use it for anything greasy like bacon, as the drip pan is a bit of a pain. We have replaced a few parts on it over the years, a quick call to the customer service dept in TN, and you receive them in a day or two. I just purchased a used 10 year old 5-star range, 4. burners , no griddle, for a new home. The front 2 burners have the super low simmer. I can put my glass chemex directly on it to keep my coffee warm, or you could melt butter, etc. I haven't timed how long it takes the oven to heat, and the thermostat is off, but I keep an oven thermometer in it. I have baked numerous times, and cooked roasts. All good. I don't really mind not having self cleaning, as I clean up any spills right after they occur. The biggest drawback is that you can't seem to find them in a show room. I would not hesitate to buy a new one.

  • Warren Norton

    five star is great - forget the showroom, just go right to the factory - brown stove works TN

    also the amish make amazing stoves, again just go right to the factory - kitchen queen KY

  • amandahindson
    Hi! I’m about to pull the trigger on a 48” dual fuel fivestar and I would appreciate anyone’s update. This thread has already been so helpful.

    I am considering the open burner model for the increased control it offers in regards to heat and flame. The BTU’s are technically not as high or low as with the sealed burners, but the folks at fivestar tell me that the open burners function differently than the sealed, and that I can get a really/high low combo with the open burners. Can anyone weigh in?

    Many thanks!!
  • amandahindson
    Hi! I’m about to pull the trigger on a 48” dual fuel fivestar and I would appreciate anyone’s update. This thread has already been so helpful.

    I am considering the open burner model for the increased control it offers in regards to heat and flame. The BTU’s are technically not as high or low as with the sealed burners, but the folks at fivestar tell me that the open burners function differently than the sealed, and that I can get a really/high low combo with the open burners. Can anyone weigh in?

    Many thanks!!
  • davidhunternyc


    Yes. This review and everyones comments have been informative. I'm thinking about getting a 36 inch, All-Gas, 6 Burner, FiveStar range. I have a few questions, however, and I wonder if anyone here could help me? How heavy are those grates? I hate those big, industrial grates that are too heavy to lift up and move around on other professional style ranges. In the photos and videos I've seen the grates seem manageable but I'm not sure. Also, I live in a pre-war NYC apartment building. I don't have hooded ventilation over my stove. It's never been a problem with my current cheap gas stove but, again, the BTU's are not that high. I do have two large windows in my kitchen that I open if I need to. With this said, could I use the FiveStar Gas Range without issues? I probably can NOT redo the gas line running into the stove either. Would this be a problem? One last concern. I love to broil. How does the broiler function on the all-gas range and is it any good? Thanks.

  • misssandra

    My 2 sense....installed 36” Fivestar 12/18. It was just a tad too long to slide in 36” cut out so we had to raise the stove above the counter to accommodate stainless trim. In March the oven igniter went out. made contact with service they contacted an appliance service repair in my remote area. Which was nice. I was having trouble finding one on my own.

    Burners and ignitors were an issue with our Viking stove, and it had 3 one for griddle, two for I’m suspicious of all burners and igniters!

    my greatest disappointment with Fivestar is that although it’s a 36” on the outside the oven is double walled and measures 24“ inside. I used to be able to put 2 15“ baking sheets side by side now unable to. Which makes me realize the capacity is severely diminished when cooking for holidays.

  • davidhunternyc

    Misssandra. Yes, I did my research on the 36 inch range and 5 Star only uses the 30 inch oven under the cooktop. There is filler on the left and right side of the range. If you ordered the 30 inch wide range you would get the same oven but without the filler on the sides. I don't know why 5 Star didn't make a larger oven to go with their 36 inch range? Thank you for your commentary. I wish there were a way that you can make it work for you or replace it if possible. Your 2 cents is worth thousands.

  • Mike Wash

    Wow. I hadnt checked my review in ages and for some reason Houzz doesnt recognize my e mail address so I created a new account so I could respond. I hope everyone made their decisions on whether or not to purchase a 5 Star. Its been over 2 years now and has been performing well. The repairman literally just walked out the door. We had two ignitor modules fail last week and would not spark under the burner covers. It would sound like a muffled clicking. Ended up costing $280 to replace the modules which isnt too bad, who knows what it would be with something that had more electronics working under the hood. So the range is back up to speed.

    We literally use the stove every single day and this has been the only issue we've encountered in nearly 3 years. Other than cleaning the glass window on the oven, which is a pain in the ass, its been performing like a champ.

    To answer a few of the questions from above, sorry for not being here to answer these in a more timely manner:

    davidhunternyc yes the grates are heavy-ish. They weight about as much as a large cast iron skillet. Because they are cast iron. So maybe a few pounds at most. Also, you will need to be able to supply I think 20,000 BTU minimum to feed this range. We had to upgrade our gas line from the wall in order for the range to get enough gas to it to use it properly. Our house was built in 1968 and the previous line was to small. If you cant upgrade the amount of gas feeding the range I would imagine you will be disappointed with its performance. Also, the broiler works good. Long flame bar, melts cheese on a burger in minutes.

    Any other questions hit me back.

    Also dealing again with customer service was a breeze. They directed me to the only repairman in the Central Texas area and we talked a bit about the company as a whole. He works directly with 5 Star and has been to the factory in Tennessee and spoke highly of them as far as a company and agreed that purchasing a range without circuit boards and brains that can get fried is the way to go for longevity. He mentioned he works alot on other brands for customers in the area and said today that as soon as you walk out the door with one with all the bells and whistles like touch screens etc they are obsolete. Often when those circuit boards get fried you cant get replacements and are left with a high priced non functioning range.

  • R. Boquist
    @Mike Wash thanks for checking in on the thread! My kitchen reno is moving at glacial speed, so I still haven't decided on a range. Would you mind commenting on the pre-heat time needed for the oven? Since you have a newer/bigger gas line to it, do you find it comes to temperature quickly or do you need to space out your prep to give the oven time to heat up? Thank you!
  • Mike Wash

    R. Boquist, the pre-heat time is nominal. I never though to myself, "man this is taking forever to heat up." I would estimate it takes about maybe 10 minutes to get to say 375 - but better yet I'll be scientific about it and test it and report back. Honestly its never something I've thought about but now I'm curious myself.

  • Mike Wash

    Ok, it took exactly 8 minutes to reach 350 degrees. Hope that helps.

  • amandahindson
    Hi all - I’ve ordered a 48” open burner fivestar. I’ll report back once I’ve used it!
  • Mike Wash

    Good luck! 48" is a monster!

  • R. Boquist
    Mike, thank you!
  • Robin Butterfield

    I appreciate all the input on this thread. We are completing our new home construction and like Mike Wash, I was looking for a no bells / whistles range...finding his review has been a blessing. Will very likely be ordering the 48" dual fuel very soon but the backsplash has me confused. I'd like it to be as small as possible, we have same material from counter top going in behind the range. Was told when I called that 4" was minimum, but I see smaller. Can anyone clarify?

    Thanks again to everyone...very informative!

  • tedbixby

    Robin- If you look through Advise there are dilemma's posted regarding the back splash behind the range. I did a quick look to try and find the ones that posted photos of how their backsplash has been damaged from the heat (especially quartz but couldn't track them down at the moment). It is also a code thing and I did find this posting which may help address your issue. If not, then you may want to create your own thread where you might get your question answered. Good luck.

  • Mike Wash

    Robin, not sure the height for the standard backsplash that ships on the 48", but there is a shorter 4" that I paid extra for in the accessories part of the 5 star website. We have glass tile backsplash and its been fine for 2 years, no issues but might want to look into what Ted mentions above with what ever material your countertops are made of and heat resistance.

  • Mike Wash

    And keep in mind, that backsplash also serves as the vent for the oven, so its not just burner heat it will be putting off. Just a heads up.

  • Robin Butterfield

    Can you explain that please? Vent as in airspace from back wall? As I understand it, it doesn't pull heat via mechanical means, correct? I did follow the link of Ted Bixby... WOW!! I will now be making changes to backsplash area. I sure dont totally understand all this, but I get the big picture. Now I ?? side cabinets (base units) next to sides of range??

  • Mike Wash

    I have no idea about the code in your particular area, youd want to have a conversation with your contractor. Tile not being up to code makes zero sense. Its fired ceramic. Resistant to heat. I mean they use tile on the space shuttle, so dont know about that problem. Wasnt with our house. Depends on your city code I suspect.

    Does your stove have the convection feature? If so, I cant speak to that directly as mine does not have the electric fan inside the oven. On my range the front bottom is totally open. Meaning there is a large gap by design, below the broiler door. That is part of how the oven works, so it draws air in by your feet, and vents out naturally from that backsplash. provided you arent speaking about the backsplash that goes all the way up to to overhead hood vent.

    If you have any questions beyond what this thread can help with, Id call Five Star directly and ask.

  • tedbixby

    Robin- I'm still looking for a specific thread but in the mean time came across this one regarding the back splash. It also has a link to another thread that may be helpful. Though it focus' on Thermadore it seems to be a common issue with any brand of gas range and you may glean some info from it.

  • Robin Butterfield

    You have been beyond helpful Ted and I sincerely appreciate very "eye opening" information. I realize pictures aren't required to be at spec...but it can sure confuse things. I will make changes based on what I have learned this day (you, Mike Wash and many others)...Considering the potential, needless loss that can be avoided by changing a style brainer!! Priceless information!

  • Mike Wash

    Ok, I think using the term backsplash may be confusing, when I speak of backsplash I am referring actually to the backguard part of the range.

  • Robin Butterfield

    Myself as well! Your set up with the tile and 4" backsplash/back guard is gorgeous! I will arrange for the taller based on all the discussion AND the following:

    • We are a strawbale structure with a bale wall about 6 feet adjacent to but adjoining the range.

    • Range wall is south facing in a very hot part of CA....temps can often range into low 100-110 throughout our summer months. So..

    I do appreciate all the input!

  • Mike Wash

    Ah great, glad this thread can be of help to everyone. I took a close up photo, but it wont load. Possibly too large, but will give it another go. Good luck!

    Oh, and not familiar with strawbale but it sounds flammable. So take all precautions!

  • Robin Butterfield

    It's a pretty interesting building material. Super dense and tightly stacked bales (Lego wall ), so actually not real flammable at all due to lack of oxygen. Also an incredible insulator, hopefully mitigating AC use.

  • Linda

    Love our Five star cooktop! We use diffusers when we want to simmer. But I use them all the time with smaller pans. The griddle is fabulous too!

  • Robin Butterfield

    And another beautiful tile application with a 4" backsplash...I so love this look!

  • HU-362628899

    Can Anyone comment on the Open Burners (veri flame) ?

    Most of the stuff on five star seems to be info with the sealed burners.

    The open burner design does not appear to be as good as the Blue Star series and the drip tray or lack there of may be a deal breaker. Would love to hear from someone with first hand experience with the 5 star open burner units.

  • Mike Wash

    Yeah, cant comment personally on the open burners as our are sealed.

  • Rick VB

    Can anyone post a closer/larger photo of the griddle and the drip pan? I'd like to see why Jennifer above thinks it's a pain.

    Also, are the burner ignitors simple manual ones, or are they heat sensor-based (relight the burner if it is blown out)?

  • Mike Wash

    The ignitors are electronic, if the flame drops too low they click to spark automatically.

    I dont have a griddle with mine, but I am assuming she means its a pain to clean out heavy grease from, which is why she suggests not cooking bacon on the griddle.

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