Kitchen Design Questions (Lazy Susan / Hood)

January 17, 2017

Wanted to get people's opinion on this design.

(1) Currently, there is no standard 18" inch drawer at all. Should I make my Lazy Susan from 36 to 33, so that I can get the 15" lower cabinet to 18"? Also, there is only one drawer in the design, maybe I should go with three 15" drawer instead of 15" drawer+cabinet?

(2) I know stand-alone range hood probably looks nicer, but due to the lack of cabinets, should I go with the under-cabinet hoods? The problem is that there is only 47" between window and wall, so there is no way to further hide the hood in between cabinets. (By hiding, I meant something like: 9"cabinet -- 30"under cabinet hood -- 9"cabinet)

Any other general feedback on the design is more than welcomed!


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    GN Builders L.L.C

    Yes changing that cabinet to a drawer cabinet is a better idea since there are no drawers on other cabinets. Other than that not much else you can do with space you have.

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    Sophie Wheeler

    Don't do the diagonal corner wall cabinet. Either dead end the cabinets into the window wall, or do an EZ Reach 90° corner cabinet. Do one 39" wall cabinet between the fridge and wall rather than the 24"+15".

    Keep a 36" Susan, but make sure it is a super Susan, not a lazy Susan. Use a 27" sink base, with a standard 25" single sink. That gets you an additional 3" for the 15" cabinet, to make it an 18" drawer base. Yes, your sink will be off center. Yea, the added storage is worth it.

    Or a BETTER alternative is 6" tray base, 24" range, 15" drawer base, 24" DW, 27" sink base, 48" blind corner with interior organizer opening on fridge wall, then 18" pantry, then 33" fridge. You don't need such huge appliances hogging the space here. You need small sized appliances. Switching to an 18" DW gains you 6" to put into the space between the range and wall. Or, back to a 9" pull out pantry against the wall, and you're up to 18" drawer base again. All with the DW not around the corner. And you can use a OTR over the range, with cabinets there.

    Can you reduce the 50" wall? If you could, you would have room for a small island. With it there, you could still do a small mobile cart.

    You're focused on pretty. Focus on function first.

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  • CCC

    Hey Sophie,

    Thanks so much for your detailed comments! I am new to all this and really appreciated all your comments! A few questions that I had here:

    (1) Any reason why to not do the diagonal?

    (2) Also, what's the advantage of 39" over 24" + 15"?

    (3) Yes! We will be using super susan! They are the ones without poles, right? One question here, 25" single sink would mean roughly ~23" within sink width?

    (4) We really couldn't do all the "BETTER" alternatives since we have already bought all the appliances... One maybe "good" thing is that we got a counter-depth frig... Still, thanks for all the suggestions here! Any other suggestions like this given the appliances size...?

    (5) Since the 50" wall is structural, so we tend to keep it like this... We loved the idea of a small island, but we were hesitant to deal with structural wall and was worried that it would create a crowded feeling for this small kitchen. Thus, we actually got a mobile island like you suggested!

    Oh, and there is still ~6" inch space left to the fridge until the wall opening. I was thinking it would feel not so nice to almost walk into a huge fridge right at the opening. Would you suggest to make use of some of that space though?

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    Tammy Bourke

    I'd increase the depth over the fridge cabinet to give you more storage.

    It would drive me nuts to have the sink offset to the window, so I'd personally leave the 36" super susan. I would def. switch to a 15" bank of drawers though.

    39" upper gives you a nice large cabinet with 2 evenly sized doors and shouldn't have an annoying center partition if you go with frameless cabinetry. Also, get rid of the angled corner cab. Stick to the easy reach as mentioned before of some thicker open shelves.

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